How to Turn a Small Bedroom into a Dressing Room?

Running short on closet space? Why squeeze tons of furniture in your cozy sleeping quarters or in the living room when you can have your own dressing room? It can be easily done if you have a spare bedroom.

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A small bedroom is ideal for this type of project. First you should get all the furniture out and leave the room empty. Then clean the whole room and check the walls and floor for damage. If needed, repair the damaged areas. After that, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Just look wonderful this dressing room looks now with the bright walls and the light wooden floor. The previous blue shade didn’t really help the cause.

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The best part about the new design and layout of the room is that there’s a lot of storage space in here. Love the idea of the shelf placed above the door, just under the ceiling. It’s perfect for storing and displaying purses and shoes you’re saving for another season.

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Behind those white curtains there’s a ton of storage. The clothes go one side, the shoes on the other and there’s also a mixed space with wide shelves and storage baskets for the little items. Everything looks so neat and clean. Every little item has its own place in there.

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There’s even a small hanger for scarves and hats and a very nice jewelry display framed on the wall. Very simple but very practical. Hiding everything else behind curtains allows the room to remain fresh and airy without looking empty.{found on flickr}.