How to Use Analogous Colors in Your Bedroom

When you’re trying to calm down the decor in a room, it’s easy to think that you have to take everything out to do it. But that’s not necessarily true. You can simply focus on colors instead of objects and create a space that feels homey and peaceful at the same time. And the first room to start this transformation should be your bedroom. Approach your bedroom makeover with an analogous color scheme and you’ll have the place looking calm and rejuvenating in no time. Take a look at these 10 bedrooms that will inspire you to find an analogous color scheme that fits your style.

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Starting in the neutral zone will be a no brainer for some because their bedroom probably already has a lot of neutral in it. So on top of those warm browns and grays, add some cool dusty shades of blue and green to be super zen.

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An easy way to create an analogous color scheme for your bedroom is to think retro. Use all the different shades of your theme color for decor and design and your eye will have a very calm and sweeping spectacle every day.

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Blue is such a wonderful color. Cool and classy, you can layer it on any neutral shade to have the beachiest bedroom you could ever hope for. Plus you’ll have permission to add anything to your bedroom, as long as it’s blue.

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If cool and classy aren’t really doing it for you, don’t hesitate to choose the brighter shades on the best color scheme. Turquoise and lime will make a pretty scene for any kids bedroom, from nursery to teenager.

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How do you make a fun bedroom without going completely overboard with the bright colors? You utilize all the shades of one. With pale walls to anchor, you can throw around whatever brightly colored accents you like. As long as they’re close on the analogous color scale, you’ll achieve the perfect balance.

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When there is a white base to work with, the options for bedroom decor are infinite. Use the bright colors on the analogous scale like orange, yellow and red, for a happy bedroom that will still feel like a retreat instead of a circus.

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What about wallpaper, you ask? These days, the options for wallpaper are limitless. With a little bit of time and effort, you can find the perfect wallpaper to match your analogous color scheme. It will also take the pattern pressure off when it comes to the rest of your bedroom decor.

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Some people are seriously worried about the effect a full wallpapered bedroom will have on their relaxation meter. If that’s a concern for you, consider using your chosen pattern to make a statement wall against a white bedroom. Not only will it help cement your colors, it will also be more affordable.

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You have to admit, most analogous color schemes for bedrooms are going to be on the cool side of things. But that works in your favor since even the darker shades of cool colors are relaxing. And since plants are green, you’ve basically won the decorating game.

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Obviously your bedroom is your bedroom and what you do with it is your business. So if you decide that bright pinks and reds speak more to you than soft blues and greens, go for it! Make your bedroom into the haven that you need it to be.