Halloween Decorating Tips That You Can Enjoy With Kids

Children love the fun of Halloween and rightly so, since it is full of color and excitement. Decorating your home for the Halloween period can be a bit of a chore if you go about it in the same way year on year. Put together a design that you can enjoy making with kids. Involving children in the process is the best way for youngsters – and adults – to enjoy the experience. Taking part is half the fun, but with some thought kids can make a genuine contribution to the design of a spooky-looking make over.

Spooky Gravestones For Your Yard.

Halloween table decor2

Turn your yard into a gruesome graveyard by making some fake stones. Simply cut out headstone from plywood with a jigsaw in various shapes. Get your children to paint over the wood with a gray paint and add a little coarse sand that will help make them look like weathered stone. Add some suitably spooky lettering with a black marker pen and set them around your yard. Nail a lumber spike to the back so that you can mount them on your lawn, if there is nowhere convenient to lean them.

Fun Muslin Cobwebs.

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Muslin sheets, with a fine gauze, make a great decorative cobweb look. Get your kids to arrange them over your garden’s shrubs as if the area has been taken over by a giant spider. Hold them in place with a couple of rubber bands so that they do not blow away in the wind. You can fix muslin to a wall, in a similar way, with a couple of tacks.

Decorate Your Stairs.

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Don’t overlook your stairwell when decorating your home for a spooky kids’ party. With young children it is best not to clutter your stairs with anything that could cause a trip hazard. A great idea is to draw a couple of scurrying mice and mouse holes on to black card and have your children cut them out. Stick them to your stair well using a sticky note, folded over on itself, so that you can reposition them easily without creating any damage to your upholstery.

How to Accessorize Your Door.

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A traditional fall wreath looks great on any front door, but this may be beyond the skills of particularly young children to make. Why not get them involved making fall garlands instead? Hanging them on either side of your front door gives a great look and they are a good deal easier to construct. Cut out bat shapes from black felt and mount them on your door. Kids will love the fun they can have arranging them in different ways to create a frightening effect.


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Nothing says Halloween in quite the same way that a carved pumpkin does. If you have young children you will need to supervise most of the process of carving. However, even kids that are not confident handling knives will enjoy scooping out the inner parts of a pumpkin, using a spoon. Allow your child to have some creative input into the pumpkin carving’s design. There’s no need to stick to a traditional spooky face. Encourage your kids to try a witch’s hat carving, or maybe even a creepy raven.

Candles and Lanterns.

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Candle light creates the right sort of atmosphere at Halloween. With very young children candles are probably a no go. But this time of year is as good as any to teach youngsters how to deal with fire responsibly. Have your kids hold an unlit candle at one end and light it from one you have lit already. Mount them in candlesticks or candelabras, but never leave them unattended with children around. If you are partying outside, then lanterns are preferable because they offer some shelter from the wind whilst still maintaining the right sort of effect. Make sure kids know they can get hot and to treat them with care.

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