Create a Ghostly Halloween Bar: A DIY Table Runner and Toxic Drinks

Halloween is the best holiday for getting really creative and coming up with original party themes and decorations. As long as they are mysterious, it works. The basic color palette is typically black. While I love the moody nature of these holiday decorations (as you’ve seen in my other Halloween decorations) not everyone wants to turn their home into a black  scene from a horror movie. With that in mind, I came up with an alternative decor idea: A ghost bar with a DIY Table runner and neon toxic drinks.  This way, you can stay on the ‘white’ side and still spook your guests! How does that sound?  Let me show you how fast and easy it is!

Halloween Table Runner

To make a DIY table runner for your ghost bar you will need:

  • A white/black rectangular piece of fabric. (Use a piece of from something you no longer need, such as an old sheet.)
  • Granite spray paint in white and black to create a speckled pattern.
Halloween Table Runner DIY
Halloween Table Runner Step 1
Halloween Table Runner White
Halloween Table Runner Decor
Table Halloween Runner
Halloween Table Runner - Cut

This is one of my favorite DIY ideas for Halloween because it takes only 10 minutes to make.  All you have to do is spread out the fabric and spray paint one end of the runner with black speckled paint, and the other end with white. Overlap the two colors in the middle to create an ombre effect. Then wait for it to dry.

Place the runner down the center of the table and set the table against a white wall in your home. On top of the runner, arrange transparent glassware in different shapes and sizes. The white and glass setting will create a ghost-like effect, trust me!

Halloween Table Runner - Enjoy

Now it’s time to make some poisonous-looking drinks for your guests! The trick to making your drinks look toxic is to add a drop of neon food coloring (liquid or powder, either will work fine), which will remain on the surface of the drink unless you stir it. You can try different colors with different drinks. I added fluorescent pink to a gin and tonic and topped it with a sprig of green. You can use rosmary or any other herb you like — just make sure whatever you use is not really  poisonous!

Halloween Table Runner Modern
Halloween Table Runner Craft

Look tempting? Think twice before you drink it! Happy Halloween everyone!