DIY Some Versatile Black Halloween Candle Holders

October is finally here and that means it’s time to get ready for the scariest holiday of the year! One Halloween decoration that is a must-have for any celebration is candle holders. They are a simple yet very powerful accent that you can keep throughout the season because they are classy and work with many different styles. Plus, black is a trending color, so these candle holders may come in very handy even after Halloween.

Black Halloween Candle Holders

Get your crafting materials ready and take a look at how to transform pieces of hardware into these DIY Black Halloween Candle Holders.

DIY Black Halloween Candle Holders

I’m always on the lookout for interesting items that can be repurposed and transformed into something else. This time, I used nothing other than wooden furniture legs and brass hardware fittings. See the tutorial below:

Black Halloween Candle Holders Materials

You will need:

  • Three wooden furniture legs in different sizes and shapes
  • 3 brass hardware fittings
  • black paint
  • super glue
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • candles

Before starting this project, make sure that the surface of the furniture legs is smooth. Use sandpaper to smooth them if necessary)

1. Paint all three legs black and wait for them to dry thoroughly.

Black Halloween Candle Holders -strong blue

2. Apply strong glue, such as super glue or super tack, and glue the fittings to the center of the top surface of the wooden legs.

Black Halloween Candle Holders - add glue
Black Halloween Candle Holders - dry

3. Leave the assembled pieces to dry thoroughly  for a couple of hours, then insert the candles.

Black Halloween Candle Holders -fix

Tip : If you don’t have black candles, don’t despair! Paint whatever candles you have black — that’s what I did with my white candles.

I really like the fact that these are simple, hence they can work so many different settings. You can place them on your Halloween table like I did here, or display them in your entryway or bathroom.

Black DIY Halloween Candle Holders
Black Halloween Candle Holders Wire

That’s it! Happy Halloween crafting!