Creepy Halloween Key Holder

Halloween gives us a fun chance to bring unusual decorative elements into our home!  Today I’m going to show  you how to make your own creepy key holder, using arms from dolls.  Your visitors will definitely do a double take when they see this key holder.

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Supplies Used:

  • Wood Pallet Board
  • Doll hands (5)
  • Silver paint
  • Rust Texture finish from FolkArt
  • Wooden spindles (5)
  • Wood glue
  • E-6000 Adhesive

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Step one: Paint the wood pallet board with silver metallic paint so that it looks like metal.

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Step two: Age the “metal” board with faux rust. First add the darker rust texture paste. Use a brush to dab the paste on the painted board. Next, add the reddish colored rust texture paste to the board. I do this while the first paste is still wet so that the colors can be blended easily. Let it dry completely.

Step three: Determine where the hands will be placed and mark the positions on the wood board with a marker.

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Step four:  Use a drill to make a hole in the wood where the spindle will go.  Drill 5 holes.

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Step five:  Use wood glue to attach the spindle to the wood pallet board.  Let the glue dry completely.  This will be like the “skeleton” the supports the plastic doll arm.

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Step six:  Use a sharp razor to trim the end of the doll arm if needed.  Use E-6000 adhesive to attach the doll arms onto the wood, over the wood spindle.  Let the glue dry for several hours before using the key holder.

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I nailed a sawtooth hanger to the back of the board so I could hang my creepy key holder on the wall.  Now I have a perfectly spooky place to hang our keys!  This would also make a great jewelry rack, too.  The little hands are perfect for hanging necklaces from!  Have fun crafting and creating spooky home decor for Halloween!

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