Great DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns

People love to celebrate all sorts of events: anniversaries, weddings, the moment they get a promotion or when they get a better job, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day and so on. As every event means a lot of preparations a dinner table is almost compulsory for each of these events. In order to get a nice and enjoyable ambiance each of these dinner tables will have decorative items specific to the event .Lights or candles are some accessories that cannot be absent as their glow will create a special atmosphere that everybody will enjoy it.

Diy halloween mummy lanterns

As there are only a couple of days until Halloween some great DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns will look wonderful on your dinner table. For this lovely DIY project you need some materials like: small balloons, plaster cloth, cooking spray, small LED tea lights, a pin and scissors.

The process is not complicated. The balloons are covered by a coating of cooking spray and then you must lay some paper mache material on them but not on their entire surface. After they dry you need to pop them inside. Then cut an opening so that you can create a flat surface in order to put them somewhere, turn on the tea light and put the mummy covers on them.{found on homeseasons}