Drum coffee table

There are so many different types of coffee tables out there, it’s almost impossible to make a choice. However, if you prefer something different, something out of the ordinary that’s both fun and functional, take a look at this Drum coffee table. It’s a very beautiful piece of furniture, definitely an eye-catching piece that would inevitably become a focal point of attention in any living room.

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As you probably noticed, this coffee table is shaped like a drum, hence the name. It has a very beautiful texture. The table is made of rattan, and crushed coconut shell with 10mm polished edge glass insert. The combination is unusual, but so is the design. The result is beyond expectations. Since it’s such an unusual piece, it would be easy to integrate it in any type of décor.

The drum coffee table measures 900 in diameter and it’s 450 high. You will get one year warranty. This is a high quality product, made with special care. It has an edgy design that doesn’t really fit any criteria of style. That’s why it’s a very versatile product. The drum coffee table would look beautiful in a modern or contemporary home, together with some other fun items. Of course, a traditional home can also be an option. You just need to know where to put it.The price its available on request.