Clean & Simple Foyers: Ideas and Inspiration

The foyer is the first look, the first impression and the first place to start imagining a home makeover. Since it’s the initial step inside your home for you and any guests stopping by, you want it to express the right words and feelings. And sometimes those words and feelings are chic, sophisticated, clean and simple in the most stylish ways possible. Check out some real-life ideas and inspiration for clean and simple foyers!

1. Colors.

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Keep things simple with just a coat of bold paint. Keep it simple by adding a bold color to the foyer while not over accessorizing with accents or furniture pieces. Use crisp whites or blacks to balance out whatever shade you choose and choose just a side table a mirror or slipper chair and framed photo as your simple decor.

2. Benches.

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You may just need a bench to fill the space. Take a load off, take your shoes off and keep the entire space neat and tidy. This is especially useful when your kids need a place to store their backpacks and sports equipment for the next day. Just use some bright colors or a beautiful, neutral cream to lighten the space and keep things fresh.

3. Mirrors.

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A mirror not only compliments this space but adds light effects and the illusion of depth and space. So, if your foyer is smaller, this will help widen the area with a clean, stylish look. If it’s already big, use a big, grandiose mirror as the central theme. It’s crisp and very rich in style. Go frameless for a chicer, modern look or a bit more detailed in design for a feminine appeal.

4. Chandeliers.

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Using chandeliers add an extra luxurious appeal to the space and a lot more sparkle than a regular light fixture would. Pick out something to serve as the focal point of the room and your guests will arrive in a beautiful lit, clean space. They’re first impression will be of a sweet and classy home!

5. Flowers.

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Just add some fresh flowers atop a side table or buffet. Flowers are always welcoming and they don’t cause much a fuss design wise. Choose a simple, pretty vase and fill it with your favorites. Elegant tulips, lush peonies or traditional roses are just some of the best ones to choose to welcome your guests and create just a tinge of style in your clean, simple foyer.

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