Ceramic Memo Board

I am a bit absent minded and I have a lot on my head, so I try to be as organized as possible by always making notes. I have more than one organizer and I also have a memo board on my desk, so that I could always write down some important information about something that needs to be done immediately. So I am always surrounded by sheets of paper – smaller or bigger, colourful or white. And one day I stopped and asked myself how much paper I waste every day. I guess it was one of those days when my daughter comes at home saying “People do not love nature and trees because they waste so much paper!”. Yes, she is right and I decided to use some other sort of memo board. Fortunately I found this Ceramic Memo Board and my problem was solved.

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This board is made of clay, so it’s totally environmentally friendly. It is white, so you can write down anything on it using a different colour. And you can use it indefinitely because it comes with an eraser attached to it. So write your note or memo, wipe it after it is no longer necessary and use the board again when needed. Not to mention the fact that you save at least one tree, you will have your desk looking great and will have a fancy office item on your desk. And all these for just $15.