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10 Bookcase Designs That Double as Headboards

Designing and furnishing your home should be a pleasure, an exciting experience whether you’re redecorating or outfitting a new home. There are so many elements to consider, and so many ways you can go with it that the possibilities become endless.

Bookcase Designs That Double as Headboards

This is especially true in your bedroom, which should be your sanctuary from the day to day grind. While the items around you, such as nightstands and dressers, can really elevate the space, one of the most important things to think about is the headboard, since this is typically the centerpiece of your entire room.

When you design your space, it can be beneficial to have easy access to items you may use while relaxing in bed. That’s why bookcase headboards have become so popular.

What to Look for in a Bookcase Headboard

Reading in bed is a popular pastime, and it makes sense to be able to grab and store books within easy reach. The best bookcase headboard makes it a breeze to collect and showcase your books and other important items and have them at your fingertips when you want them most. Of course, your bookcase headboard should also have a stylish appeal that resonates with your taste.

It should be sturdy and incorporate enough storage for any purpose, and it should be austere enough to garner attention, should you have a guest looking in on your design. If you’ve been thinking of redesigning your bedroom or even a guest room and are looking for the right options for both aesthetics and purpose, you can find some of the best bookcase headboards available online, with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Types of Headboards

A headboard isn’t necessary for you to enjoy sleeping on a bed, but it increases the comfort exponentially and it makes the entire bedroom look different and more stylish. Here are the most common types of headboards you can expect to find on the market:

  • The attached headboards are included with the bed frame and they are fitted into the back of your bed.
  • Wall-mounted headboards are attached to the wall portion located at the head of the bed and they are usually larger than attached models

It’s important for you to know that headboards can also be classified depending on the material they are made from:

  • Wooden headboards come in a variety of different styles and some of them include intricate carvings. Their styles range from traditional to modern.
  • Metal headboards are more suitable for modern bedroom settings, but they do lack the familiarity provided by wooden headboards. They are typically made from stainless steel, brushed aluminum, wrought iron, or brass metal.
  • Upholstered headboards are covered in fabrics and materials, and they are considered to be the most comfortable types of headboards on the market. They are as additional cushions for leaning your pillow/head against them, and they are available in a variety of different styles: freestanding, wall-mounted, straight, wooden-frames, or tufted

Note that a special type of headboard with the bookcase one. These headboard sport shelves for people who would like to benefit from that additional storage space, whether it’s for showcasing books or decorative items, or used to replace regular nightstands and are used to place lamps, remote, or phones.

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How to Choose a Headboard

Ordering the first headboard you spot simply won’t cut it, and there are a few things that might make your shopping decision easier, making you feel like you’ve spent your money wisely. So. before you buy a headboard, think about the following tips:

  • Headboards that are attached to your bed frame need to have a specific fit, so taking measurement before buying one is a wise thing to do.
  • Bookcase headboards are excellent for people who need all the storage space they can get, so consider investing in one of these.
  • The material and the fabric of a headboard will have a say in how the room looks, but also in how durable the headboard is.
  • The design of the headboard needs to be in cohesion with the rest of your bedroom but it also has to match your needs. For instance, upholstered headboards add elegance to a bedroom but they are more difficult to clean.

Top 10 Best Bookcase Headboards

1. Olney Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Olney Bookcase Headboard gives you the chance to outfit any bedroom with additional storage space, coming in multiple sizes and finishes to match your other décor. Crafted from manufactured wood, the bookcase headboard is sturdy while also remaining lightweight and easy to assemble and install. With the variety of finishes that include soft white, oiled oak, jamocha wood, and diamond ash, your choice can effortlessly elevate any bedroom in the house, whether in a child’s room, guest room, or master suite.

The headboard is available for twin sized beds or full/queen sized beds, and they can be used with adjustable beds, making them the right choice for multiple applications. It attaches to bed frames with predrilled holes and brackets, making the job simple to complete. It fits any bed that is up to 17.38 inches high, keeping it versatile. The entire headboard weighs 57 pounds, and it measures 41.85 inches high and 11.5 inches deep. The twin size unit is 42 inches long, while the unit for full and queen size beds is 64 inches long.

The bookcase headboard has 6 shelves for books and other items you want to be able to access without leaving the bed, plus the top of the headboard for displaying objects of your choice. This headboard comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can feel safe and comfortable in using one or more of these in your home without concerns for structural compromise.

2. Edmont Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Edmont Bookcase Headboard is a simple and contemporary design feature that allows you to store and display items while still providing a lovely aesthetic that keeps any bedroom in fashion. You have the option of 5 different finishes, including black, white, drifted gray, cherry, and espresso, so you can build out an entire bedroom theme around the headboard of your choice.

The clean lines offer a modern element that works in a guest room, master bedroom, or even a child’s room and can be paired with other furniture of the like. The boxy design is minimalist and perfect for holding not only books but other trinkets and necessities, including an alarm clock, and it works to reduce the need for additional bedside tables in a small space. This bookcase headboard is compatible with adjustable beds, so you don’t have to worry about ordering something that won’t work in your application.

Made of manufactured wood and particle board, the construction is solid while the overall headboard remains lightweight, even in the king size version, which only weighs 76 pounds. The width of the headboard varies depending on the size you order, ranging from 44.75 inches for the twin version to 81.5 inches for the king version. The clearance beneath the shelf for a bed is 29 inches, so you have plenty of room for a thick, plush mattress if you like. The bookcase headboard comes with a 5-year limited warranty on parts only for residential use and isn’t valid for commercial use.

3. Hayman King Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Andover Mills Hayman King Bookcase Headboard is stylish and elegant, becoming a showpiece and the focal point of a master bedroom with ease, while also offering functionality that can’t be beat. While it works in any setting, the traditional elements make it best suited to a classic or midcentury modern design, with the look of a chair rail or crown molding making it a bit more grandiose than most modern designs. It boasts 6 open shelves of varying sizes for storing books, displaying sentimental items, and allowing you to negate the space taken up by other furnishings, such as bedside tables.

The headboard is made of manufactured wood, which keeps it lightweight despite its size, at just 76 pounds. Built to accommodate adjustable beds as well as traditional mattresses of king size, this gorgeous piece of furniture measures 81.5 inches long, 43 inches high, and 11 inches wide, with a 29-inch clearance beneath the bottom shelf for the mattress.

The bookcase headboard is available in a white or cherry finish, so you have options based on the surrounding elements in your room. Full assembly is required, but it only takes a screwdriver, and all the hardware and required materials are included. This means you won’t spend hours trying to find parts and pieces. This headboard has a 5-year warranty valid on residential use but not on commercial use.

4. Fusion Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The South Shore Fusion Bookcase Headboard takes the idea of simplicity to the max, with clean, modern lines and a minimalist design that fit in well no matter where you want to use it. Elevate your guest room or keep your child’s room up to date with plenty of storage that minimizes the amount of furniture you need and keeps any bedroom organized. Crafted with manufactured wood and laminated particle board, the headboard is light in weight so that it’s easy to assemble and handle, while also remaining sturdy so that it supports the load it’s intended to bear.

Built to accommodate a full or queen size frame and mattress, the headboard has 3 shelves, so you can easily have an alarm clock, picture frames, and books all stored within easy reach of anyone lounging in the bed. While the unit doesn’t work with adjustable beds, it does have 28 inches of clearance for whatever mattress thickness you desire and the frame height you want. The entire bookcase headboard weighs 58 pounds and requires full assembly, which is easy to complete with nothing but a screwdriver.

The dimensions measure 63.5 inches wide, 40.1 inches high, and 9 inches deep. The freestanding headboard doesn’t need to be mounted to the wall, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about manufacturer defects or damages.

5. Acencion Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Ebern Designs Acencion Bookcase Headboard lends an ultramodern minimalist design element to your guest or master bedroom that incorporates a slightly more traditional finish so it can blend in regardless of your theme. Built with manufactured wood, you’ll find it incredibly easy to attach to any bed frame, with a lightweight design that is quick and simple to assemble with nothing more than a screwdriver and the hardware included in the packaging.

One continuous shelf at the top allows you to display any size item, including large books or essential materials such as an alarm clock. The charcoal ash finish complements other furniture of any color so that you don’t have to worry about replacing multiple pieces to redesign your space. While it’s not compatible with adjustable beds, it does accommodate full and queen size beds and frames, plenty of clearance for thick mattresses and tall frames beneath.

The entire item only weighs 55 pounds, making it easy to maneuver without strain. The overall measurements of the bookcase headboard are 62.5 inches wide, 48.2 inches tall, and 7.9 inches deep, giving you a nice focal point for any bedroom, especially useful in master suites and guest rooms. The shelf itself is 10 inches high, so you have clearance for taller books, vases, and other items. The bookcase headboard is sold with a 5-year limited warranty that covers reasonable damage and is void for use in commercial applications.

6. Tomi Queen Bookcase Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Red Barrel Studio Tomi Queen Bookcase Headboard takes the traditional paneling design and uses it in combination with modern elements to create a timeless piece that will elevate any bedroom. Perfect as a focal point and conversation piece, the bookcase headboard includes 2 large shelves where you can store and display any number of items, including your favorite volumes, an alarm clock, or sentimental items like photographs.

You also have an incorporated cord management system, allowing you to charge your devices while you sleep, such as phones and tablets, keeping them out of the way but easily accessible. Each end panel also includes a hook that allows you to hang items, such as hats, sleep masks, purses, and more, so that you always have them organized and out of the way but know where to find them when you need them.

While the bookcase headboard looks like solid wood, it is actually constructed from manufactured wood, lightening the weight of the overall piece to just 94 pounds. The bookcase headboard is made to work with a queen size bed and does not accommodate adjustable beds. It measures 62.5 inches wide, 56.8 inches high, and 4.6 inches deep, with clearance for a thick mattress and tall frame. The blaze acacia finish is refreshing and elevating in any space. the bookcase headboard comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

7. Sallie Bookcase Panel Headboard

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Greyleigh Sallie Bookcase Panel Headboard is both austere and modern, with an imposing presence that forces you to take notice while employing a simple clean design, making it a transitional piece with rustic elements that are very impressive. Crafted out of both solid and manufactured wood, this sturdy bookcase headboard is designed to attach directly to your existing bed frame, allowing you to install with ease and not have to worry about additional purchases.

With uneven shelving units for a stylish appearance, that modern element is tamed by the simplicity of the boxy design and heavy, thick pieces. The brown and gray finish keeps the bookcase headboard neutral, so it won’t clash, no matter what other furnishings and décor you have in the bedroom space. The headboard is available in both twin and full size, so you can even employ its use in a child’s room to minimize space requirements while still having plenty of storage room.

The twin weighs 90 pounds and measures 52 inches high, 42.9 inches wide, and 10 inches deep, while the full weighs 107 pounds and measures 52 inches high, 59.1 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Materials are included to secure the bookcase headboard to the wall for extra firmness, so you don’t have to worry about it moving, and this can help anchor your entire bed in place. The manufacturer warranty covers residential use but doesn’t not stand in place when used for commercial applications.

8. Mason Murphy Bed

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Mason Murphy Bed is more than just a bookcase headboard and offers an intelligent and stylish solution to limited space, such as in a studio apartment, where storage is necessary and you don’t want to give up the need for a larger bed in order to keep the area clear. This Murphy bed folds up against the wall when not in use to open up your space for additional use, storing your bed between two large shelving units on either side. Constructed from metal and manufactured wood, you have a complete bed and headboard all in one, looks like nothing more than a regular wall unit or built in unit when the bed is tucked away.

The incredible shelf room allows you to store a ton of materials, including use as a bookshelf or displaying items of value and sentimental importance. No box spring is required, since the mattress will rest on a platform that fully supports it. You can get this Murphy bed with a bookcase headboard in full or queen size, though you’ll need to purchase a mattress separately. It is rated for a capacity of up to 1000 pounds, weighing 745 pounds.

You’ll need a hammer and screwdriver for assembly and installation. The entire full-size unit measures 83.7 inches high, 130.2 inches wide, and 18.2 inches deep, while the queen size is larger at 89.1 inches high, 136 inches wide, and 20.3 inches deep. The entire unit comes with a 1-year warranty on the mechanism and 10-year warranty on the frame.

9. Bark Gray Dinah Murphy Bed

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The Dinah Murphy Bed with Bookcase Headboard makes an incredible showpiece in limited spaces whether the bed is out in the open or tucked away into the unit. Whether you want to save space in your child’s room or have a small studio apartment that needs to double as an entertainment room and a bedroom, this is a perfect solution, giving you the opportunity to use a retractable bed, as well as accommodating a great deal of storage in the surrounding headboard.

The manufactured wood construction keeps the Murphy bed from being overly heavy, with the full weight coming in at 663 pounds, while still remaining sturdy and reliable. It’s rated for up to 1000 pounds, which means you can fill the shelves with display items, books, and more without concern of buckling or compromising the design.

This Murphy bed has a warranty for both commercial and residential use, with 1 year on the folding mechanism and 10 years on the frame. The full-size Murphy bed with bookcase headboard measures 83.7 inches high, 108.6 inches wide, and 18.2 inches deep, accommodating a mattress of up to 10 inches thick. The queen size version is 89.1 inches high, 114.6 inches wide, and 20.3 inches deep and can be used with a mattress up to 12 inches thick. Full assembly is required, but you’ll only need a hammer and a screwdriver, as well as the assistance of a second pair of hands.

10. American Furniture Classics captains bed

American Furniture Classics captains bed

The American Furniture Classics Captain’s Bed with Bookcase Headboard is the ultimate solution to the need for extreme amounts of storage, both hidden and open. It’s perfect for a child’s small bedroom or a guest room with need to save space and avoid clutter. The solid pine construction is gorgeous and sturdy, providing a perfect focal point that matches any other style or theme, making it great for working with children’s bedding.

The modern design includes 5 shelves in the heavy, thick wood headboard, while closed storage beneath the bed consists of 6 drawers that can be installed on either side of the bed. You even have footboard storage to tuck away additional items. Never worry about your child’s room being messy again. The bed also comes with a complete webbed slat kit so that you don’t need to buy a separate platform or a box spring for your bedding.

The bed accommodates a mattress of up to 8 inches thick, allowing you to obtain comfort as well as aesthetics and functionality. The bed and bookcase headboard are fitted to a twin-size mattress, weighing only 124 pounds and measuring 42 inches wide, 83 inches long, and 49.25 inches high.


Whether you need a headboard or a full bedding option that elevates your space and provides additional storage, there is an option for you. The best bookcase headboard may come as part of a Murphy bed, a captain’s bed with additional storage, or simply by itself with the option to attach it to your existing bed frame. Whatever parameters meet your needs, there is a bookcase headboard that will appeal to you and fit your application.