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Black Accent Cabinets to Compliment Any Decor

Accent cabinets are sometimes called accent chest, and it is a piece of furniture chosen for both its aesthetic qualities, as well as for storage purposes. Accent cabinets are usually smaller compared to a regular-sized cabinet that you find in most homes.

Black Accent Cabinets

They are usually a choice for filling up some space and never act as a primary storage solution. In order to help you find the best black accent cabinet, we’ve taken a look into what these products are all about, so keep reading!

Top 3 Picks

Best for office: IRIS USA 3 Tier Accent Cabinet

With an office-type appeal and three cabinets with three storage cubbies, the IRIS USA accent cabinet is the perfect place to keep your documents, binders, office supplies, and paperwork.

Bargain buy: Santa Cruz 1 Door Accent Cabinet

For those of you who are on a budget, the Santa Cruz is a small accent cabinet with a slide-out tray, a concealed cabinet, and a cubby with woven basket storage.

Best with lights: High Gloss Side Lighted Cabinet

This is one of our favorite options for modern rooms, especially since it integrates LED lights into a minimalist design that blends in perfectly almost everywhere.

Tips for Decorating with Black

Black is becoming quite a popular accent color, and for a good reason. It has a grounding effect that makes it easy on the eyes, as opposed to having a room that’s mostly covered in light colors. If you’re not really a fan of black, know that you don’t have to go bold, as sometimes just a few decorative pieces can make a huge impact.

Another great thing about adding black to your interior design is the fact that it can help certain pieces blend that would otherwise belong apart from each other. For example, if you have chairs that pertain to different styles, black throw blankets or pillows on them and make it work.

Decorating with black isn’t always an easy task, so the following list of tips might help you in your endeavors to integrate black as part of your interior decor:

  • If you have a smaller room, don’t be afraid to paint in black. Contrary to the ideas that have been going around, black makes lines disappear, which could actually make a room look bigger.
  • Dark floors can add drama to a room, especially if you choose classy materials, such as black granite.
  • If you feel like a black wall is too much, you can decorate it with colorful art and photographs. If you have a light-colored wall, you can do the opposite and add black decorative pieces or photos with black frames to it.
  • Wrought iron can go a long way in giving that balancing touch of black that your room needs. Make sure the wrought iron is painted black, as some elements can be of different colors.

Types of Accent Cabinets & How to Use Them

Naturally, there is more than one type of accent cabinet, so here are the common categories that you’re bound to find:

  • Accent cabinets with drawers are considered to be the most basic style. They are designed to help conceal clutter and to offer easy access to the contents of the drawers.
  • Accent cabinets with glass doors are in a different category, as the doors have transparent panels that grant visual access to the contents of the cabinet. That means that you can’t really hide anything in here, but you can showcase some of the things you want on display, while also keeping them protected from dust. The fact that you can see what’s inside also means that you don’t have to open the cabinet unless it’s necessary.
  • Accent cabinets with shelves are usually a better choice for storing larger objects. If you use it for smaller items, the cabinet might appear more cluttered.
  • Two-door accent cabinets are simple, but that makes them super easy to match with all kinds of interior decor. It shakes off the cluttered appearance.
  • Modern accent cabinets are very popular because of their simple design and sleep appearance. They are often chosen because their style makes them almost timeless, so they will likely be “hip” for a long time to come.
  • Narrow accent cabinets are very popular in the bathroom, where there isn’t usually that much floor space to work it. They are mostly used to store towels, but some people use them for make-up, bathroom supplies, detergents, and others.

Best Black Accent Cabinet

Santa Cruz 2 Drawer Accent Chest

Black Santa Cruz 2 Drawer Accent Chest

Our first pick of the day is a black accent cabinet that can work well in multiple setups, whether you choose to use it as a nightstand or a place to store your child’s toys. The four cubbies have their very own woven baskets, which are a cool alternative to sliding drawers. There are still two small drawers available if you need them. If you’re not sure about the black, you have multiple other finish options to choose from, including distressed cream and dark cherry.

Miya 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Miya 2 Door Accent Cabinet

The Myia accent cabinet features two doors with glass panels that could serve as a TV stand, could be placed in the hallway, or could easily have other uses around the house. The tempered glass doors have a trellis design which makes them look more intricate and fancy. The cabinet is made from manufactured wood and comes with a single shelf for your storage needs.

Luder 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Luder 2 Door Accent Cabinet

If it’s modern furniture you’re after, you have to take a look at the design of the Luder. This two-door accent cabinet comes with adjustable interior shelves so that you can modify the space to place larger items inside, if needed (there are two shelves inside the cabinet). It has a geometric design on the cabinet doors and is easy to assemble thanks to the included instruction (you will be in need of a screwdriver to set it up).

Santa Cruz 1 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Santa Cruz 1 Door Accent Cabinet

Perfect for entryways or narrow spaces, the Santa Cruz accent cabinet has a functional design that includes a pull-out tray on the top, a cubby concealed by a cabinet door, and an extra cubby that comes with a woven basket that can easily be pulled out. The cabinet measures 34.25” H x 15.75” W x 13” D overall and is made from pine wood, featuring aluminum hardware.

Rosendale 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Rosendale 2 Door Accent Cabinet

The Rosendale black accent cabinet comes with a simple and gorgeous design that brings forth a combination of a traditional aesthetic and a streamlined silhouette. It comes with two cabinet doors that combine glass panels and X-shaped cutouts. Made from MDF, the cabinet measures 33.97” H x 31.5” W x 14.96” D and has a total of three shelves.

Chevell 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Chevell 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Combining acacia wood with plywood and laminate board, the Chevell is a 32” H x 32” W x 15” D cabinet with an antique appeal. The hand-carved patterns located on the front side give this piece a vintage vibe. It comes with two cabinet doors that conceal one shelf, and another pull-out drawer located above them. You have multiple finish options to choose from, including mango and antique white.

Maliha 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Black Maliha 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Another black accent cabinet that could easily fit in multiple room setups is the Maliha. It is designed with a clean-lined silhouette and delivers a mid-century inspired look with an almost timeless design. The two large cabinet doors conceal adjustable shelves, in a piece of furniture that measures 32” H x 31” W x 14” D.

Odell 3 Doors Accent Cabinet

Black Odell 3 Doors Accent Cabinet

If you were looking for a wider cabinet, this three-door item from Darby Home Co. is definitely worth checking out. With a timeless twist and details that make it elegant, the Odell black accent cabinet is made from manufactured wood and comes with three glass cabinet doors with curved black details to make them look more intricate. The three compartments are separate from one another, meaning you get a total of nine shelves (instead of three). The overall dimensions for this piece are 30” H x 38” W x 15” D.

Iris 3 tier accent cabinet

Black Iris 3 tier accent cabinet
Simple, yet effective. That’s one way to describe this three-tier accent cabinet. It is a great office storage option for those looking for a spacious cabinet that can support up to 44 pounds in weight per shelf. Measuring 34.67” H x 16.35” W x 11.43” D overall, this piece is designed from manufactured wood and works really well for storing documents, paperwork, or other office supplies.

Dickison 4 Drawer Accent Chest

Black Dickison 4 Drawer Accent Chest

Whether you’re looking for a piece that could stand out or blend in, the Dickison cabinet can make both those things happen. It is a practical accent cabinet that comes with four pull-out drawers and two small doors that conceal some extra storage space. It is a rustic-style console that measures 34” H x 43.3” W x 15.7” D and is constructed from solid and manufactured wood. There is also a full-length open-style shelf located on the bottom side, perfect for books, plants, magazines, and souvenirs.

High Gloss Side Lighted Cabinet

High Gloss Side Lighted Cabinet

Is there such a thing as having too many colored LEDs in your home? Well, maybe there is a chance of overdoing it, but this black accent cabinet seems to have just the right amount of LED lighting to make a statement and create a cozy ambiance in the room. With its minimalist design, this cabinet is highly decorative because of the integrated USB-charging LED lights. Measuring 31.5” H x 32.7” W x 12.2” D overall, this cabinet is made from manufactured wood and features six interior shelves.

Mordecai 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Mordecai 2 Door Accent Cabinet

The Mordecai is a stylish black accent cabinet that reveals new storage options for those with limited space. The shutter-style doors conceal an adjustable shelf that can be used for placing objects of multiple sizes. It has a clean silhouette and is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood. It measures 31” H x 32” W x 14” D overall and has a weight capacity of 75 pounds.


Can I paint my accent cabinet black?

You can paint an accent cabinet into the color of your choice, as this is mostly a matter of combining the material with the paint rather than what color you should opt for.

What is the best paint to use for painting furniture?

Instead of thinking about the “best of”, it’s better if you know about the advantages and drawbacks of your furniture paint options. Latex paint is great if you want to refinish antique pieces. It has a fast drying time but some brush strokes may be visible. Milk paint is great when you want to give your furniture a distressed look. It dries quickly and can be used on most surfaces, but often requires a bonder and a sealer to last. Acrylic paint works well with accent or small furniture pieces. It’s easy to apply, has a rich color, but requires primer in order to get the best results. Oil paint can result in a durable finish, making it a good option for furniture that’s heavily used. It has a self-leveling formula, but it takes a long time to dry between coats.

Where can I find the best accent cabinets?

The best accent cabinets aren’t usually a matter of where you buy them from, but rather who makes them. You can find great accent cabinets on websites such as Wayfair or Amazon, but even in brick-and-mortar shops or garage sales (if you’re looking for something with a more vintage appeal).


Remember that accent furniture is usually something that stands out from the regular decor in the room. Similar to “emphasis”, your accent cabinet needs to draw attention (for instance, a black accent cabinet will definitely stand out when placed in a room with light furniture). There are plenty of spots inside the house where you can place an accent cabinet, so keep your options open, as the only limit to your creativity is the sky.