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The Best Ceiling Fan To Keep Your Home Cool During Hot Days

In areas where hot weather is practically all year round, getting a new ceiling fan looks pretty appealing. The thing is that there’s a fair variety available, with several features to consider and choose from.

Best Ceiling Fan

You want to look for the best ones, which will not only be powerful and the right size but are also quiet and easy to use. Bonus points if it’s stylish and not an eyesore.

How to Choose A Ceiling Fan

When it comes to choosing the right ceiling fan for your home – you’ll want to consider the following:

  • The room where you want to install the fan
  • The size of the room you are installing the fan
  • Your budget for a ceiling fan
  • Special features, for example a remote-controlled ceiling fan
  • The climate in which you live can also play a part in the right type of ceiling fan and the features you are wanting to have. Colder climates wouldn’t use a ceiling fan as much, so they are able to choose a basic model while the opposite holds true for warmer climates.

Pros and Cons of a Ceiling Fan

As with any item – there are always both pros and cons to consider when purchasing a new product for your home:


  • Cost effective for instantly cooling down a warm room
  • Consumes less electricity than an air conditioner (even a window model)
  • Can be controlled with your light switch or a remote control


  • Can be awkward to clean and if not cleaned, can send dust, debris, and allergens through the air
  • Can be noisy, depending on the model, age, etc.

Tips for Installing and Using Ceiling Fan

Before starting the installation of your ceiling fan, make sure that the area is big enough as it will be installed directly into the existing electrical box. Always have a second person with you before attempting to install a ceiling fan on your own as they can be bulky and hard to maneuver while on a ladder (or step stool, etc.). Ensure that your electrical fuses are wired to a wattage high enough to power the ceiling fan as well.

When using the ceiling fan, it’s important to note that depending on the spinning direction – hot air can be pushed off the ceiling into the room or cool air can be swirled around. Familiarize yourself with the different speeds of your ceiling fan as well as lower speeds will produce less noise but not as much cool air.

Materials to Choose From

Ceiling fans come in a variety of materials, but the one constant is the base part of the fan. This will always be metal or steel to ensure safety as it will have electricity running through it but the blades of the fan could be hard-pressed plastic, wood, or even ceramic. Some fans use metal for the blades as well, but they are generally painted a neutral color or decorated with a design of some sort.

Features to Consider

Features to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan could include remote control operations, various fan speeds, the ability to turn on just the light portion or just the fan portion, and dimmer switches.

The more features found on your ceiling fan, the pricier it will unfortunately be.

With all the criteria above in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ceiling fans you could look for as of late that can fit most, if not all requirements of an ideal fan in your home.

Blade Standard Ceiling Fan with and Light Kit Included

Blade Standard Ceiling Fan with and Light Kit Included

Patterned with a subtle and pressed wood grain print, this 5-blade ceiling fan brings the rustic style to your home without having to change up your current décor. With a medium brown color, this natural fan easily matches into your current color scheme as well.

This ceiling fan kit includes everything needed for installation from the writing to the lightbulbs and the globes that cover them. This one can be installed on a dimmer switch and features three different speed settings – which are controlled by a remote (for an additional cost).

Blade LED Standard Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit Included

Blade LED Standard Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit Included

Modern meets comfort meets style with this Wade Logan 4-blade standard ceiling fan. Speeds are controlled via the included remote control while the brushed copper or metal finish brings major style.

With reversible blades, you are able to push hot air down to the room or swirl the existing air into a cooler temperature. Included in your package is all the installation requirements, light sources, and a dimmer switch.

Twigg 3 Blade Propeller Ceiling Fan with

Twigg 3 Blade Propeller Ceiling Fan with

If you are in the market for just a ceiling fan as you are happy and content with your current light source – then this 3-blade propeller ceiling fan is calling your name. Available with remote control, the traditional wooden blades easily push the air around to a cooler temperature.

Rated for damp locations means this one can be installed on a patio, in the bathroom, or in the basement without any worry for the electrical components.

Misael 3 – Blade Outdoor LED Propeller Ceiling Fan

Misael 3 - Blade Outdoor LED Propeller Ceiling Fan

Save even more on your monthly utility bill when you installed a LED ceiling fan. LED lightbulbs don’t use as much wattage, lowering costs, while still throwing off just as much (if not more) light than the traditional glass bulbs.

Available in three different finishes – brown, galvanized iron, and black – you won’t have to worry about whether or not this 3-blade fan will match with your current décor.

Espy Blade LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Espy Blade LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Sleek and modern design is what draws the eye to the Calcutta 3-blade flush-mounted ceiling fan. The smooth finish, void of additional ornaments or patterns, ensures that this minimalist looking fan will be ideal for your décor.

This one has reversible blades, the light source included, a remote control, and can even be installed onto a dimmer switch. With all those components – only install in a dry spot.

Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit Included

Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit Included

Bling out your bedroom with this nickel-brushed finished ceiling fan with an invisible light source. The glittering and gorgeous raindrop design is perfect for those who want more sparkle in their life. And once the sun hits it the right way? Prepare yourself for a prism of colors on your walls.

This fan uses Smart technology, allowing you to control it not only via the included remote, but also via a downloaded app on your smart device.

Tyrese 5 – Blade Standard Ceiling Fan with

Tyrese 5 - Blade Standard Ceiling Fan with

A rustic and vintage design ties the entire room together when you install the Millwood Pines 5-blade standard ceiling fan. While this one doesn’t feature a light source, it does have 5 reversible blades to cool or heat the room as you desired.

Don’t want to get up and change the fan speed? Then use the included remote control from the comfort of your bed, couch, etc. Rated for dry locations only.

Hunter Low Profile IV Transitional 42” Ceiling Fan

Hunter Low Profile IV Transitional 42” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Fan Company provides an excellent ceiling fan for your mid- to small-sized bedrooms and kitchens with the 42-inch 51059 model. This slick transitional style ceiling fan will take up as little space as possible, while also moving around a considerable amount of air.

On top of all that, this fan is very quiet – it won’t make too much noise during operation. In fact, this fan, like all Hunter fans, boasts a quietness good enough to name: they promise you a “whisper quiet” experience that can let you work undisturbed and sleep in peace.

For the different times of year, this fan’s motor is reversible. You can change the lade spinning direction from downdraft to updraft, so you can move the cool air down in the heat and keep cool air up in the winter.

The 51059 is a 5-bladed fan that comes in either a white finish or polished pewter blade styles. The 42” wingspan is ideal for smaller rooms in your house while the low-profile height makes it suitable for low ceilings. The blades are tilted at 13 degrees for optimal air movement and efficacy.

Finally, there’s nothing to not like about this fan with a lifetime limited warranty for your worry-free purchase.


  • “Whisper quiet” performance
  • Low profile
  • Great warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Smaller fan fits on smaller ceilings
  • Reversible motor function


  • No remote control included

Minka-Aire 52″ Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote

Minka-Aire 52" Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote

This popular and elegantly fashioned ceiling fan from Minka-Aire will make a stylish addition that has its place in any large or high ceiling room, not matter the interior decoration style.

This specific model sports a modern-looking distressed oak body, but these ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of tones and finishes to better fit the mood of your living space. From black, silver, and bronze to driftwood and maple, these fans will look good anywhere.

One noteworthy feature is the sheer slope of the fan’s blades. The three blades are angled at an impressive 48 degrees and curved for pushing as much air around the room as possible – one of the few reasons it’s the best for high-ceiling rooms.

The F844 comes with a six-inch down rod, but longer down rods are sold separately meaning the fan can be customized in height anywhere from 13.5 inches to 5 feet.

An integrated LED light is included so your fan can double as a light source. The remote control allows the fan to function at 3 speeds, and you can even connect it to your smart home and control it using Alexa or Google Assistant.


  • Looks great, many styles to choose from
  • Doubles as a light source
  • Quiet
  • Great air circulation for large or high ceiling rooms
  • Reversible motor


  • Can be noisy within first 24 hours of use: sound should be gone after 24 hours of operation

Westinghouse Lighting Comet 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting Comet 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Comet 52-Inch indoor ceiling fan is a stylish larger fan for larger rooms that promises ease and comfort (no matter the weather), as well as energy saving when complemented with air conditioners.

This 52-inch ceiling fan, as the name states, is great for your larger room or living room as it works to circulate air within an enclosed area of up to 225 square feet. It has 5 blades for pushing more air, and while it’s powerful enough to cool down such a large area, many customers agree that it’s practically silent while doing so. This is a major plus for those who want to keep cool, save energy, and continue about their day without disruptions.

The fan blades come in two finishes: matte black and marble, each of which provide their own visual character. The Comet doubles as a light source, coming with two 40-watt light bulbs and decorated with frosted glass for a soft appeal.

A remote control is included.


  • Great for larger rooms and living rooms
  • Lifetime warranty on motor, two-year warranty on other parts
  • Little to no sound created while in use


  • Installation takes time – professional recommended

Minka-Aire 44″ Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Minka-Aire 44" Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Minka-Aire presents a Smart Ceiling Fan, the Concept F518L, for your convenience and smart home needs. This fan from the reliable lighting and fan brand is Wi-fi compatible, so you can benefit from controlling your fan without the hassle of hanging pull chains and even remote controls.

Smart by Bond (sold separately) technology allows you to control this fan via app or by voice using Amazon Alexa.

The three blades come in various colors, from the white F518L-WH veneer finish or in polished nickel or bronze. Any style to fit your preference is available.

This fan fits 44 inches across and is low profile, so you can comfortably place it in any low-ceiling room like a small bedroom or basement. It works as a light source as well, with an LED light integrated that is also dimmable by either remote or app command.


  • Convenient controls
  • Alexa compatible
  • Easy installation
  • Available in variety of finishes
  • Dimmable light


  • Better for smaller rooms

Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan 

Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan 

Like the Low Profile IV from Hunter listed above, the Anslee also has the low-profile build and lower volume, as well as the quality that comes with Hunter products. The main difference is that unlike the Low-Profile IV collection, the Anslee has a lighting component or double purpose.

This fan has powerful performance and a motor that’s remarkably quiet when in use. This “whisper wind” power is one unique to Hunter ceiling fans, promising you cool comfort without a noisy by product.

The Anslee sports a reversible motor so you can benefit from using this fan all year round. With blades inclined at 13 degrees, you can be sure you’re getting the right amount of air flow with less air resistance and energy required.


  • Works as ceiling light as well as fan
  • Reversible motor
  • Very quiet usage
  • Good air circulation
  • Low profile


  • No remote control
  • Only comes in white


You don’t need to settle for an old fan or a new one that’s “just okay”. There are so many great options to choose from, and you just have to know where to look for them. That’s why start with our recommendations to find the best ceiling fans to suit your style and needs.


Which ceiling fan is best?

The best ceiling fan is one that is from a trustworthy lighting brand, which has various options, and an easy installation. Only you, as the customer, can determine what style and type of ceiling fan is best suited for your needs and wants.

Are ceiling fans worth it?

Ceiling fans are definitely worth it when you consider the amount of cost savings that could be had without having to run an air conditioner during warm months.

They are also worth it if you tend to sleep hot or find still air stifling during slumber (or pure relaxation time). While they can be noisy at times, the benefits outweigh the whirring noise when the air is noticeably cooler within seconds of turning the fan on – even at low speeds.

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

A 3-blade ceiling fan would definitely do the trick when it comes to cooling down a house but the 4-blade model would complete this task in a faster time frame.

It would depend on the reason you are installing a ceiling fan, climate and temperatures, and the like when determining your final purchase.

Do ceiling fans help cool a house?

When the ceiling fan is turned to the right direction, they will definitely help cool a house. It is important to note that the effects will be felt mostly in the room in which the ceiling fan is installed so if you want to cool an entire home with ceiling fans, you’ll need one in each room.