10 Things You Can Do To Get Motivated For Cleaning

With very few exceptions, nobody really likes to clean the house. It’s not something much people do with pleasure. But at the end, when everything sparkles, the satisfaction is very rewarding. The obstacle that remains is getting motivated and starting the process. After that it all gets easier. So what exactly can you do to get motivated? Here are a few ideas

1. Listen to motivating music.

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Listening to music can be extremely motivating regardless of the activity you’re performing. It’s a method I personally use very often. Listening to music that you like allows you to find some pleasure in what you’re doing and gives you the energy you need to get started.

2. Wear comfortable clothes.

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When you plan on cleaning the house you first need to wear some proper clothes. They should be comfortable and they should something you’re not afraid of getting dirty. So get some comfortable shoes and some clothes that make you look like someone who actually wants to clean up and clean up fast.

3. Set a deadline.

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Another way of getting motivated for something it so have a deadline. If you know that you need to finish by a certain time then you have a reason to hurry up and to try to get it done in time. So set a realistic deadline and get to work. It helps if it’s something that involves people coming over or something else that actually gets you excited and it’s not just a number you’ve picked up.

4. Read housekeeping articles.

Reading a housekeeping book or article often results in getting the motivation and inspiration you need to start cleaning your home. And while you’re reading that you might also find some tips and suggestions that can help you on the way.

5. Find inspiration in magazines.

Often when you look at pictures of homes in magazines you get that inspiration and motivation to try to make your home better, to make it look like one of those residence you’ve seen in magazines. It’s the push you need to try to make your home better and to reach for perfection.

6. A new product.

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It’s always exciting to try a new product. Whether it’s just a new scent or a new type of product, it can be the motivation you need to start cleaning. So while shopping, try to find new products that can help you save time or money and products that might be fun to try.

7. Trade cleaning chores.

It’s a well-known fact that it’s easier to clean someone else’s home that your own. It’s more motivating and it’s a way of showing off your techniques and attention to details. So try trading cleaning time with a friend. It can bring advantages for both of you. Set some rules and get to work.

8. Involve the whole family.

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It’s not that fun to clean the house by yourself. Everything is more exciting and fun when there are more people involved. So make cleaning a family activity. Divide the chores and make sure everyone is happy with what they have to do. Take turns at controlling the music and have a reward at the end.

9. Have a garage sale.

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A great way of finding motivation for cleaning is to plan a garage sale. It’s also an opportunity to actually get rid of some things that clutter your home. But make sure you don’t bring the leftovers back into the house. Plan to donate them to charity. Also, make sure you involve the whole family. Let everyone know what your plans are and ask each member to select some things they no longer need.

10. Set a reward.

Another element that can motivate you is to know that there’s a great reward waiting for you when you finish. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It can be the fact that when you’re done you can relax and watch a movie without having to worry about anything else or the fact that you get to purchase something you really want.

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