The innovative Norcool Cave 55 wine cooler

This is Narcool Cave 55, an innovative and very functional wine cooler drawer. It features LEG lighting and auto defrost. The cooler received the Award for Design Excellence from Norwegian Design Council so it’s not just any product.It features a compact design and a professional look. It’s simple, practical and functional. The interior of the cooler is equipped with wire shelves inspired by the egg carton principle. Inside you can arrange the bottles either length ways or across. The two drawers are shock absorbing and fully extendable.They can accommodate 55 standard bottles. They store your wine while also keeping it cool and protecting the bottles from vibration.

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The wine cooler features a smoked, UV protective glass door that allows you to see the bottles without having to open the cooler. Moreover, this piece features an adjustable electronic thermostat that allows you to set different temperatures between upper and lower drawers within 8°C to 15°C range. You can buy the Norcool Cave 55 wine cooler drawer for around £2,040.

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It would be a nice acquisition for wine lovers. It’s not something you expect to see in any home. It’s also not something fit for small homes. With its professional look and ability to store and preserve the wine bottles intact, the Cave 55 wine cooler drawer would be great for collectors or for large mansions.

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Posted in Appliances on February 2, 2012

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