Picking Out a Carpet for Your Home

Stepping on a carpet feels so warm and comfortable and this is the reason why a lot of people love to have carpets in almost all parts of their homes.  It is not enough that you choose any carpet that you see in the market just because you love the color or design.  You also have to make sure that it will last long.  There are certain factors that you should consider when choosing a carpet, and they are pile and composition.

Pile and composition of a carpet can tell whether you have a durable, attractive and high-quality carpet.  However, you must, likewise, have to consider more things like the parts of your house where you intend to place carpets as well as the traffic in those particular areas.

There are such a wide variety of carpets in the market and it’s very difficult to choose.  Carpets have different composition.  Some are made of wool, others from polyester, but most are made of nylon, which is known to be the most durable and the easiest to clean.

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There are carpets that easily wear out and deteriorate.  This can be pointed to the type of pile used on the carpet, and in this case, a cut-pile was used.  Since this type of carpet doesn’t last long, it is expected to have a cheaper price.  But if you prefer getting a durable carpet, the price will definitely be higher.

You can tell that a carpet will stay with you for a longer period of time if the pile is thick.  When purchasing a carpet, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly.  Do a simple test.  Try pressing down the carpet with your fingers and do it with great pressure.  If you had a hard time pushing it, then the pile is good and you are sure that it is durable.

When buying a carpet, you should also accompany it with padding.  Many people make a mistake when it comes to this matter by buying an expensive carpet and a cheap padding, which should be the other way around.  It is better to spend more on the padding than on the carpet since the padding is responsible for keeping the carpet soft.  But you must also remember that a very thick padding is not also good as it may damage your carpet.  Just choose those that deliver enough softness.

If you plan to place a carpet on your living room where your family usually stays for long hours of every day, try not to get a dark colored carpet because it emphasizes dirt.  It is not also advisable that you get a Berber carpet if you have pets for they might just play with it and eventually ruining it.

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