How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

High ceilings are ideal and many of us dream to have them in our homes. But those that do often don’t know what to make of them. How exactly do you decorate a living room with high ceilings for example? Surely, you need to take advantage of this great feature. Find out how right here.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Emphasize a high ceiling with long curtains. They should cover the full height of the wall and just graze the floor.

Fireplace wall.

Living rooms with a high ceiling that also have a fireplace can easily take advantage of both. A fireplace wall would draw attention to that area and would also emphasize the beautiful architecture.

High windows.

A set of small windows placed just under the ceiling would be a very interesting design element. They’d let it sunlight but also highlight the fact that the ceiling is higher than usual.

Exposed attic.

Usually, houses with high ceilings can take advantage of that by including an attic floor. In the case of the living room, you can expose the attic and make it part of the room. Allow the beams to add warmth and charm to the room.

Large windows.

Another way to take advantage of your living room’s high ceiling is by installing large windows that wouldn’t normally fit in a regular space. This way you’ll open the room to the views and the outdoors and lots of natural light would get inside.

Floor-to-ceiling windows.

For an even more dramatic design, consider floor-to-ceiling windows for the living room. Given the fact that this is not a private space, opening it to the exterior would be a practical idea.

Stone accents.

You can draw attention to a high ceiling by incorporating eye-catching materials into the design of your walls. For example, you can use stone or wood or emphasize an accent wall.

Hanging chandeliers.

A low-hanging light fixture can make a living room look luxurious and glamorous but can usually only be installed if the room has high ceilings. Don’t miss the chance to impress.

Home library.

Take advantage of the fact that your living room has extra tall walls and transform one of them into your personal library. Install shelves all the way up to the ceiling. You can reach them via a ladder, just like in the big libraries.

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3 Responses to “How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings”

  • Levinson says:

    Great facts about high ceiling rooms. Will keep this in consideration when going to the store next.

  • chellspecker says:

    The author’s weak grasp of the English language destroys any credibility this article has. There are (at least) eight mistakes in the first paragraph. I found it next to impossible to understand what he was trying to express. I would advise him to learn to spell and use grammar properly before attempting to contribute.

  • Stefan says:

    Ok, thanks for comment! And you right was some grammar errors.

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