How to decorate a living room with high ceilings

When it comes to living rooms,nowadays common trend is to project them with high ceilings. Why are people doing this? Even if some people will say that high ceilings will lead to water infiltration in the walls as well as dampness appearance, living rooms with high ceilings have an unique aspect, as they appear more beautiful than they really are, and if there are used some certain decorations, the living rooms will appear as nobile.

Anyway, when it comes to a high ceiling living room decorations, things aren’t as simple as they might appear, and that’s because a living room with high ceilings can’t be decorated exactly like a normal living room.

Of course, there aren’t rules for the decoration of a living room with high ceilings. Though, people must be aware of some things.

In order to prevent the dampness, walls with vertical opening are mandatory. The windows can be kept opened and therefore room ventilation can properly be done. Of course, the color of the windows should respect the color of the room, and therefore, classic color are recommended and not at all bold colors.

What makes a living room with high ceilings unique? Its lightning system. Large chandeliers are recommended for living room with high ceilings. They will take a loot of space, though, as the living room is tall, this will look extremely large. It is recommended to use golden colored chandeliers, as they will appear to give even more color to the room.

Usually, living rooms with high ceilings are meant to be used for family reunions or even business matters. This is why a large wooden table – with wooden chairs as well- is also recommended. The only thing is that the table should also respect the color of the room and therefore, it must take the same color as the dominant color from that room.

As concerning the accessories, this really depends of the preferences of the owners. Though, crystal glasses and some candle decorations can easily be placed in any living room.

The last idea is for the gadget lovers. If you have a living room with high ceilings then this is for you: leave a wall completely empty and install a movie projector somewhere in the room, without ruining the aspect. You can have your own cinema in your living room, as well as you can make business presentations if you choose to use your living room for a purpose like this.

And, as well as you are aware of the above ideas, you can’t fail. No unwanted side effects will appear – dampness, water infiltration and so on- and your living room will look just awesome and sophisticated in the same time.

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3 Responses to “How to decorate a living room with high ceilings”

  • Levinson says:

    Great facts about high ceiling rooms. Will keep this in consideration when going to the store next.

  • chellspecker says:

    The author’s weak grasp of the English language destroys any credibility this article has. There are (at least) eight mistakes in the first paragraph. I found it next to impossible to understand what he was trying to express. I would advise him to learn to spell and use grammar properly before attempting to contribute.

  • Stefan says:

    Ok, thanks for comment! And you right was some grammar errors.

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