Halloween Decorating: 5 Easy Inexpensive Ways to Decorate

Which is the most celebrated holiday of the year? It’s Halloween, of course. In fact, Halloween is even more popular even than Thanksgiving day or the 4th of July, and this is why this day should always get the attention that it deserves.

Besides wandering at all the houses from the neighborhood for candy, there is another custom at every Halloween: each house must be decorated with scary decorations, so the spirits – which are supposed to walk free in this night – will be scared and won’t come in or near the house.

Though, let’s not forget that this year is really a tough one, financially speaking, therefore, it’s obvious than not too many people afford to buy expensive Halloween decorations. Luckily, there are several cheap – but effective – ways to decorate the house, and therefore, there is no need to spend a fortune on them.

The first decoration is the one with candles. Candles can be used in the Halloween night as a lightning system, and also, can be placed all over the house. Though, be sure they have a solid support and that they won’t be placed near an inflammable material. Even if the Halloween is supposed to be scary, a fire won’t be desired at all.

Next, people can choose to be traditional and decorate their house and their hallways with empty pumpkins. They can even make lusters from them, especially if they empty them and place a candle into them. The candle won’t last more, but it would be a hell of a decoration. As the candles and the pumpkins aren’t expensive at all, they will be the cheapest decorations. Though, if they are effective, who do you think that will care about it?

Thirdly, fill your house with any rustic elements that you can find. Scarecrows, straws, candles, and even cages if you manage to find, and the effect will be guaranteed. It’s no doubt that anyone that will dare to enter in your house in that night will not only be impressed, but he/she will also asks for advices on how to do the same.

The last 2 ideas are part of the same big apple: if the teens have started to dress themselves in scary costumes, then why don’t you plant some fake knives in the door, or maybe on yourself, to make you look like you have just been stabbed or something. And to make the things even more realistic, try to put white sheets on the floor, and paint them with some easy-washable red paint, so it will appear to be blood. And like all of the above, it will be quite cheap, but the effect will be guaranteed. What do you say?

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