Decorating with Designer Pumpkins

There is nothing that quite says Halloween like jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. It is always a fun experience to draw a spooky or silly face on the pumpkin, or get creative and carve a masterpiece. But if you’re older than trick-or-treating age, you may no longer have that desire to scoop out all the messy flesh and seeds just to carve jack-o-lanterns that will only last a few days. Lucky for you, there are a lot of other great decorating ideas that incorporate pumpkins in a variety of ways. And not only are they holiday-appropriate, but since many of them leave the pumpkin intact, they will last longer than Halloween.

One fun idea instead of carving a face or Halloween scene into the hallowed pumpkin is to simply drill holes. By using different tools, such as different drill bits or different size nails, the holes can be a variety of sizes. Patterns can be regular, such as lines that follow the curve of the pumpkin, or random. Either way, these will look beautiful when illuminated from within.

Another way to take advantage of nails when it comes to pumpkins is to create a stylish design by hammering in and leaving the nails. This works best with nails that have a nice, flat head or brads. This elegant design incorporates a simple monogram on the pumpkin, but this idea would work with any pattern, such as a scroll or chevron stripe.

Another way to use lettering is to simply paint it on the pumpkin. This could be used again for a monogram or to spell Halloween appropriate words using multiple pumpkins. While these may say “BOO!”, there is nothing to be afraid of in terms of the beautiful simplicity of this holiday décor.

The great thing about painting is that designs don’t have to be limited to lettering, and the paint doesn’t have to be limited to only one color. There are limitless possibilities to be created – colorful or glittering or pattered. Why not cover the orange pumpkin in black chalkboard paint and use it to count down the days until Halloween or show-off the nightly menu!

Much like painting, appliqués can also be applied to pumpkins to create beautiful designs. This elegant pumpkin with lovely leaf design blends in perfectly with the traditional décor of this room. This look is created through decoupage, gluing multiple layers of paper or other materials onto the pumpkin.

Another great design idea that is incorporated into this traditional space is the use of smaller pumpkins to fill the metal urn. Any transparent vessel, such as a large hurricane vase or wire birdcage, would look great filled with a variety of pumpkins and gourds.

Another design that takes advantage of the art decoupage is this small, colorful faux pumpkin. Instead of creating an appliqué, this paper mache pumpkin was created by covering a round object, such as a balloon, with strips of paper and glue. A small branch is used as the pumpkin stem, and metal wire makes a unique vine for a pumpkin that will last many holiday seasons.

Another great faux pumpkin idea is to create one using twine. This rustic pumpkin was created much the same way as the paper mache one, only using twine rather than paper. It also offers the ability to be illuminated from within, creating a dramatic look in the evening. If you’re not the D-I-Y type, there are plenty of great wicker pumpkins available for purchase that offer the same look.

And, if you haven’t lost the desire to carve pumpkins, there are some unique and intriguing patterns that are far beyond what you may have carved as a child. Who knew a pumpkin could look like wood grain or delicate lace?

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