Decorate Your Home with Felt Flowers

It’s finally spring outside but I would like to bring a bit of spring inside, too, so as to make my home a bit merrier and more colourful. And the best idea was given to me by the things I saw in my girl’s kindergarten. They celebrate each season with special decorations displayed on the walls and this time I saw beautiful flowers glued to the walls and ceiling. These flowers were made of felt and they looked absolutely amazing, especially as the wall was painted in light green, the colour that is specific to spring.

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So if you want to decorate your home with felt flowers in order to give it a spring look, it is not very hard. All you have to do is purchase these felt flowers from Glerups in Denmark and after that glue them to the wall or maybe arrange them in a certain personalized pattern on the bookshelves. They are made of pure natural wool and look very realistic. These flowers can be used for decorating your home and you can sew them to the pillows on the bed, to the blankets or where your imagination and inspiration tells you to. You can buy 25 such pieces for just 33.42 EUR.