Water Features and How to Use them in Design

Water features don’t have to be relegated to outside your home. Bring them indoors for a lovely modern and earthy touch. Here are some fabulous water feature ideas.

Build a Water Wall.

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A Water Wall is Glamorous

We’ve seen many natural wonders entering home décor, such as green walls featuring plant life. A water wall is another creative idea to be used as an accent wall. It is elegant and majestic in a space, plus when tempered with furnishings such as wood it creates a lovely feeling of being outside. A water wall is a unique water feature that evokes interest.

Tranquil Pond Water Feature.

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Forest-Like Elements Gained from Water in the Home

A water feature can even mimic an indoor pond. It can be placed on the sides of the room, lining one or all of the walls. This is a great way to prevent using too much space on the water feature, while being subtle and pretty. Floating flowers add a touch of the island life to your home, so use these types of embellishments for color and texture.

Decadent Water Systems.

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Larger Water Features Elevate Décor

You could install a much larger water feature if ‘go big or go home’ is your décor motto! The water feature can be a great addition to a room as it pulls the focus onto it and looks exquisite. Spotlights placed above your water feature are a clever design idea to place it center stage.

Waterfalls in the Home.

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Beams of Water from Wooden Ceiling

Your water feature can become part of the ceiling, by letting refreshing water trickle down from wooden ceiling beams. This creates a water wonderland and can become a striking room in your home. Make sure you have a seating area in close proximity from where you can enjoy the view.

Achieve Rustic Glamour.

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Tumbling Water is Serene and Trendy

A cascading water feature can be an effective way to bring the ideas of water and nature into the home. In this way the water effect can become a great décor item in the room, but it could also be used as a clever room divider.

Water Illusions.

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‘Staircase’ Water Feature

Having a stone wall behind a staircase from which water falls can be an interesting addition to your home. The stones give the home an alfresco feeling, while the setup tricks the eye into thinking the water is cascading from the stairs themselves. Be creative with how you position your water feature and use natural elements, such as stone or wood, to bring resplendent natural elements into your home.

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