What is the Standard Size of a Pillowcase?

Pillowcases are a minor part of the overall sleep experience, but they may make a significant impact in the overall quality of sleep. Aspects such as the look of your pillowcases are important, but the size is one of the most important factors because the pillowcase needs to match the pillow in question.

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In case you were wondering what size is a standard pillowcase and what pillowcases other types of pillows need, you’ve made it to the right place.

What Is a Standard Pillowcase?

A standard-size pillowcase is one that is designed to suit a Queen or a Standard pillow size. Regardless of the filling, whether it be cotton, feather down, or foam. The excess material on one end may be used to cover the greater length of a queen cushion while still maintaining an aesthetically acceptable appearance.  Because of their modest size, standard size pillowcases are perfect for pillows that will fit on twin and twin XL size beds, among other things

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What Size Is a Standard Pillowcase?

20 x 26-inch pillows are standard in size. Standard pillows are most often linked with Double and Twin beds, and two of them placed one next to another on a Double bed will fit properly on the bed.  You shouldn’t be concerned if you can’t find standard-sized pillowcases while you’re shopping for your pillowcases. On the market, several pillowcases have the designation “standard/queen size” and are intended to suit both options. However, the pillowcase itself should fit perfectly, with only a slight floppy overhang along one side of the opening.

What Are the Different Sizes of Pillowcases?

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Toddler pillowcase size

A low-loft cushion measuring 13″ x 18″ is the best choice for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 years. Although that may appear insignificant from an adult’s perspective, or even on a toddler bed, keep in mind that the most essential element is the support and comfort of your child, not the appearance of the room. Needless to say, a pillowcase for a toddler should match the given size of the pillow.

Standard pillowcase size

Sleepers most frequently acquire a regular pillowcase because it meets their requirements. This style of pillowcase measures 20 inches broad by 26 inches long. The regular size pillow would be the ideal size for a single Twin bed in most cases. Other possibilities include matching a Queen-sized bed with two standard pillowcases. It is likely that you will require three regular pillows to fill the empty space in a King-sized bed.

King pillowcase size

A King-sized pillowcase is generally the largest size that most individuals would go for unless they wanted to get something custom-made for themselves or their loved ones. Custom orders are quite feasible; however, you will need to buy the pillowcases separately because they are made to order. In comparison to other size products, King pillowcases measure 20 inches broad by 36 inches long. The use of two of these cases on a bed of matching size is what most people go for. A single King-sized pillow may be used on a smaller bed to give it a pleasant appearance while maintaining the same level of comfort.

Queen pillowcase size

Having a Queen-sized bed, it is probable that you would desire pillows that are the same size as your bed. Typically, Queen-sized pillowcases are around 20 inches broad by 30 inches long. These pillowcases are somewhat longer than the regular size, but they have the same width.  These pillowcases are large enough for you to place two of them on a Queen-size bed.  To get a distinct appearance with your pillows, you may try swapping the pillowcases from one side to the other. As an example, if you want to create a bigger look with your pillows, consider inserting a Queen-sized pillow into a standard-size pillowcase.

What about Other Types of Pillows?

#1: Shams

In the world of decorative pillows, a sham is a sort of pillow cover that is designed to fit over all of your conventional pillows. Pillow shams are intended to give the pillow a more creative appearance. Numerous shams have embroidery or vibrant colors as part of their design. Due to the fact that they are primarily utilized for décor in guest bedrooms, they are frequently found there.

When visitors arrive, the homeowners may switch the shams out for ordinary pillowcases to accommodate them. A sham is approximately the same size as a conventional pillow cover, depending on the sort of pillowcase you are employing. Standard sham pillowcases measure 20 inches wide by 26 inches long, which is the same measurement as a typical standard pillowcase.

#2: Throw pillows

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The most essential thing to know when selecting a throw pillow of a particular size is that the measurements you see on different product pages and in descriptions always relate to the width and length of the pillow cover when it is laid flat and unstuffed. It is customary to take measures along the seams and from one corner to another.

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If you want a throw pillow of a certain size, you will need to understand how it is constructed throughout the production process. In order to compensate for the half-inch seam that will be produced along the borders of a 20′′ x 20′′ throw pillow, the fabric used to make the case is 21′′ x 21′′ instead of 20′′ x 20′′. Keep in mind that this is before the cushion is filled.

#3: Travel pillows

Many individuals do not want to deal with packing full-sized pillows while they are on the road or aboard a plane. When traveling, large pillows take up a lot of room and require a lot of work. Because of that, many individuals choose to use a travel cushion instead of a regular pillow. The matching pillowcases for this particular type of pillows measure 11 inches in width and 16 in length.

#4: Body pillows

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Body pillows, as opposed to other types of pillows that lay beneath the sleeper’s neck and head, are unusually wide and are cut to fit the length of an adult’s entire body. Its unique form gives more support to various parts of the body. The consequence is that side and stomach sleepers, pregnant ladies and those suffering from back discomfort are all fans of these mattresses.

In essence, some of the larger sizes are just bigger pillows that have the same straight, rectangular form as the lesser versions. Others are available in curved C-, U-, or J-shaped configurations. These versions are intended to give more support for the neck and spine, among other things. Some may also be shaped to give more focused cushioning for specific areas of the body.

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When selecting a body pillow, take your height into consideration. These will be appropriate for the majority of adults who tuck the pillow between their knees, even though most measure 48 to 54 inches in width. There are some longer models that may be appropriate for those who are taller than normal, as well as for those who like a cushion between their ankles when they sleep. Most of these pillows already come with covers. If not, you can purchase a cover depending on the exact size of your body pillow.

#5: Pregnancy pillows

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Pregnancy pillows are basically body pillows designed specifically to aid expecting mothers in maintaining a comfortable sleeping position. Pregnancy pillows have shown to be quite beneficial for many pregnant ladies in need of rest, and are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.   Some are designed to give total body support, while others are designed to target specific regions.

Body pillows with U- and C-shaped designs may give comfort to the back, hips, and abdomen at the same time, eliminating the need for a separate cushion in these areas as well. They are also the most expensive and take up the most room, among other things. Smaller pillows, such as wedges, can give relief to a specific location while also being more compact in size.

Just like in the example above, pregnancy pillows are usually sold together with their matching covers which are already installed. Most of them have a zipper enclosure so that you can remove the cover and clean it in your home washing machine.

How Do I Know Which Pillow Size Is Right for Me?

For the majority of individuals, a standard-size cushion is quite big enough. If you want a bigger pillow, that is OK as long as you are able to maintain proper sleep posture while sleeping. If your pillow is too thin or too thick, it will make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably while keeping your spine in a natural position. Check to see that the pillow and pillowcase are a suitable fit. Don’t cram a huge pillow into a little cover (the same goes the other way, you don’t want a small pillow swimming in a large pillowcase).

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Additionally, pillows in unique forms and sizes may be created to give additional stability and support for your neck and head. The following are examples of items that may be beneficial: contour and cervical pillows for back or neck discomfort or contoured body pillows that help relieve pressure points throughout the body. Be mindful, however, that many specialty-shaped pillows have a marketing component to them.


Pillowcases are essential for preserving the contents of a pillow. A pillowcase performs the same function as bedsheets (which keep the mattress clean), only it does it for the pillow As an added bonus, it prevents you from lying directly on the pillow stuffing, which might trigger allergies in certain people. As a result, they contribute to making you more comfortable while you sleep.