Differences Between Wall And Ceiling Paint

Wall and ceiling paint are not. the same. Many people interchange the paint, but that’s only because they’re not aware that wall and ceiling paint are different. To understand their differences, some research is required.

Difference Between Wall And Ceiling Paint

Painting a room requires two kinds of paint. Each paint has characteristics special attributes that make it different from the other.

Painting Walls And Ceiling The Same Color

This is one of the most common questions that people have when dealing with wall paint during home renovation. Hopefully, this section will answer this question, so you’ll know how to proceed with giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint. 

Should I Paint My Ceiling the Same as My Walls?

Ceiling paint is made for ceilings. It only takes one coat to cover imperfections. And because of its thickness, splattering is not an issue.

White paint provides added dimension to rooms. When you paint a ceiling white, it feels like a backsplash.

Most ceilings are painted flat white. The color is combined with the same color trim. When covering scuffed baseboards, use a higher gloss.

For rooms with elevated ceilings, paint the walls the same color as the ceiling. 

What Are Differences Between Ceiling Paint And Wall Paint?

Just as there are differences between a ceiling and a wall, the same holds true for the types of paint that covers either surface.

Ceiling Paint 

  • Thicker and latex based  
  • Flat or low-gloss sheen
  • Stain and mildew resistant
  • Can be used on walls

Wall Paint

  • Low viscosity
  • Thin
  • Splatters more than ceiling paint
  • Not recommended for ceilings

Best Paint For Ceilings

Best Paint For Ceilings

Here are the best ceiling paint brands for your home and office spaces.

INSL Color-Changing Ceiling Paint

INSL-X Color-Changing Ceiling Paint makes painting ceilings easy. Developed with fading pink color-change technology, the fast-drying paint hides imperfections, minimizing surface defects. 

Ideal for textured and smooth ceilings. Its self-priming qualities means you don’t need to add primer before you start painting. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Covers stains with one coat
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t cover well with all surfaces

Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint

Glidden Interior latex ceiling paint offer a clear coat for when you need to get the job done quickly. The paint is splatter resistant. After the paint has dried it offers a light gray undertone, which helps hide imperfections.

The paint is good for covering nicotine stains. 


  • Covers stains with one coat
  • Excellent customer service


  • Strong odor
  • Too thin for some jobs

Rust Oleum Painter’s Touch

One 32 ounce can of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch covers 120 square feet of surface. The paint is fast drying, and can dry within 30 minutes.

The flat finish conceals imperfections. Make sure to stand the surface using 180/220-grit sandpaper. Also, you should wash the surface with a degreaser before applying the paint.


  • Good for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Works well on metal, wood, plaster, and unglazed ceramic


  • Doesn’t adhere well to all surfaces

Interior Walls And Ceiling Designs

The following examples showcase the different paint colors used to paint ceilings and walls. 

Black Walls With White Ceiling

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White ceilings are the best color option in a room with black walls. In this example, black wallpaper offers an elegant match with the white ceiling. 

White Ceiling Green Walls

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The wall paint, on the other hand, is thinner and you may need two or more coats to get the desired look, depending on the color.

Monochrome Walls And Ceiling

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Ceiling paint is formulated to cover all the edges and to hide all the imperfections. It’s flat and the light doesn’t reflect on it so any small irregularities are not enhances but hidden.

Beige Walls White Ceiling

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Beige has emerged as one of the most popular bedroom colors. In this example, you can see how beige compliments white.

Cream Ceiling With Dark Green Walls

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Dark green and cream work well in this mid century living room.

Striped Ceiling  With Orange Walls

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Paint designed for the walls is a lot more flexible. Is comes in a variety of finishes and colors, numerous different hues and can be used to create all sorts of interesting designs, patterns, etc.

Rustic Walls

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For a modern farmhouse look, paint the walls and ceiling the same color.

Off White Ceiling With Colored Wallpaper

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There’s a variety of wall paint types, depending on the room you want to paint. For example, for the bathroom you should use wall paint that’s water resistant as well as resistant to mold and mildew.

Blue Ceiling With White Walls

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As far as ceiling paint goes, it’s basically the same for every room of the house. It just has to feature the attributes enumerated above.

Lime Green Ceiling With White Walls

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Designed by Robin Gonzales Interiors, pastel green with white walls makes an ideal combination.  

Wood Beam Ceilings With Brick Walls

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Wettling Architects created this design. The stylish modern farmhouse living room with raw wooden beams and a stone fireplace offers comfort and warmth. 

Violet Ceiling With White Walls

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The ceiling is overlooked and remains white which is why designs like this from Obelisk Home are inspiring. 

Gray Ceiling With White Walls

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Putting an emphasis on the ceiling is a cool idea for spaces like the kitchen where there’s going on and the aesthetics take a step back in favor of functionality.

The kitchen has two big farmhouse-style islands marked by dark gray ceiling sections with ornate chandeliers hanging from their center.

Brown Ceiling With Cream Colored Walls

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By giving this basement a black ceiling, studio Ryan Duebber Architect (RDA) managed to more easily hide all the exposed pipes and other elements, creating an intentionally industrial yet still very much simple and modern décor for the living room.

White Walls With Mixed Colored Ceiling

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The kitchen and dining area are combined in one open space. The wooden floor looks the same throughout as the adjacent living room. However, it’s the ceiling that differentiates the areas. This interior was designed by RLH Studio.

Gray Ceiling With White Walls

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Interestingly enough, this is a way of making the walls of a room appear taller. The idea is to shave the walls and the ceiling painted in different and contrasting colors.

This creates a border along the upper section of the walls in the same color as the ceiling. It’s a cool way of dealing with crooked walls or corners.

White Walls With Light Blue Ceiling

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This kitchen furnished by William Ohs needed a little bit of color in its design and it came in the form of this beautiful blue ceiling. That allows all the cabinetry to remain plain white and draws the eyes up towards the ceiling. 

Green Ceiling With Wallpapered Walls

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This dining room by Lizette Marie Interior Design uses wood flooring as a backsplash. Patterned wallpaper graphical black and white pattern, a chic chandelier and stylish furniture throughout. 

White On White

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In this example, the team at Nicholaeff Architecture + Design created a stylish and sharp study. By incorporating a nautical theme, the ladder connecting the perch offers a wheelhouse vibe. 

Ceiling Textures

Let’s look at the common ceiling textures and how you can paint them.

Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are no longer popular due to their texture and asbestos content. When smoke residue or dust accumulates on popcorn ceiling, the surface is hard to clean without damaging the texture. 

Skip Trowel

Skip trowel

Skip troweling is a common technique for textured ceilings because it adds dimension and a subtle “stuccoed” effect to the ceiling. Hand-applied skip trowel texture created with joint compound and coarse sand. The compound is then distributed using a trowel to create the texture.

Skip trowels are popular in high-end homes due to their Mediterranean-inspired appearance. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, understated texture to decorate your ceiling, skip trowel may be the way to go.

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Orange Peel

Sprayed drywall compound on a ceiling creates a rough yet soft-looking texture. It offers a refined and subtle finish and more so than knockdown.  It is also frequently seen in commercial establishments. If you’re drawn to texture but prefer a more subtle, subdued style, orange peel is the way to go.


Knockdown is a texture that resembles skip trowel in appearance. To begin, you’ll have to apply a watered-down compound on the ceiling.

Similar to a skip trowel, knockdown conceals tiny flaws. However, manually knocking down the texture with a trowel after it has been sprayed is labor intensive. 


Swirled 1 1024x576

Although the swirled ceiling texture is not as frequently seen as some of the other textures in this collection, it is worth investigating. It’s a stunning, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Swirled ceilings are created by “swirling” a sponge or a tool through the compound just before it settles. It creates a beautiful “fanned” pattern with an art deco flair.


Flat ceilings are unpretentious. Ceilings are rarely the focal point of a room. If you want them to be an inconspicuous element of your design, choose a flat ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Properties Do Cellulose Ethers Provide Paint?

Cellulose ethers provide paint with three basic properties: viscosity, stability, and water retention. 

What Is The Best Way To Paint A Ceiling?

The best way is to paint a ceiling is by covering a paint roller with paint add roll the excess paint on the ridges of the paint tray. When lifting the roller, you want to prevent dripping or uneven applications.

Start in the corner by blending your role pattern with your cutting edge. Professionals paint the ceiling across the width rather than going from wall to wall. That part is not important if you apply the same amount of paint in every pass. Don’t stop until you finish the entire ceiling.

Wall And Ceiling Paint: Wrap Up

Painting walls and ceilings are fun DIY home projects. Before you begin painting, sit down and determine if the juice is worth the squeeze. For bigger jobs, consider using a paint sprayer for walls and ceilings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ceiling and wall paint combinations. When choosing your paint colors, a paint professional would be able to help you make a decision.