Trending for Halloween 2012: Pumpkin Topiaries

Halloween is just around the corner, and cobwebs, ghosts, tombstones, and skeletons are making their way into front yards everywhere. However, if your Halloween style is less scary and more classic, you can still be festive; give one of these beautiful pumpkin topiaries a try. And if you’re looking for decorations to last longer than just through Halloween, these pumpkin-filled planters are appropriate for the entire Fall season, not just the holiday.

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Amazing brick wall!

This traditional entryway features a beautiful fall wreath and two great pumpkin topiaries. This is a simple, classic look. To create one of these topiaries, all you need is a large planter or urn and three pumpkins of decreasing size. The base pumpkin should be large enough to sit on top of the planter, and the others are simply stacked on top. For a bit of extra texture and color, vine or fruit filled branches can be wrapped around the pumpkins.

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White door decorate with a fall wreath and pumpkins

These topiaries share similar idea, but use contrasting colored pumpkins and a copper mesh bow on top for a fresh look. These pumpkins have also been gilded with a transparent golden glaze. To achieve this look, metallic glaze is simply dry brushed on the pumpkins.

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Metallic-toned fall wreath and pumpkin topiaries design

This entry features more metallic pumpkin topiaries, this time with only two pumpkins in each planter. Instead of using real pumpkins, this design takes advantage of faux pumpkins and metallic spray paint. Faux leaves were also sprayed with the metallic paint and used under the base pumpkin for added texture. To unify the décor, the spray painted leaves were also used in the wreath on the door.

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Stone floor and a relaxed porch decorated for halloween

While faux pumpkins come in more regular shapes, it can be fun to experiment with those oddly shaped pumpkins. Including one planter used as a pumpkin topiary, this inviting porch features multiple planters filled with other great Fall plants, such as chrysanthemums. The topiary takes advantage of the wide selection of pumpkins, which vary greatly in size, shape, and color. The uniqueness of the flat white pumpkin is very intriguing.

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Pumpkins displayed all askew add a whimsical touch to a front entry.

This topsy-turvy design proves that classic style can still be fun and full of life. To achieve this asymmetrical, tiered pumpkin topiary, start by procuring a piece of rebar and planters that have drainage holes in the bottom. Place the rebar in the largest, base pot and pack soil around it. Next, stack the smaller pot on top of the base planter by threading the pot onto the rebar using the drainage hole. For this whimsical look, the second planer is tilted askew from vertical. Then simply stack the pumpkins on top by sliding them down the rebar carefully, tilting each in the opposite direction of the previous.

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Halloween table decoration

Pumpkin topiaries can be as unique as the individual creating it, conveying whatever sense of style you can imagine. Not only can you use interesting planters and tricks to spruce up the pumpkins, but you can also give the topiary a life of its own. And don’t think that pumpkin topiaries are just something to adorn the exterior of the house; they can be fun and festive inside as well!

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