How To Cleverly Upcycle An Old Chair Into A Planter

There’s not much you can do with an old chair except maybe give it a complete makeover. But, even so, at some point you get tired of using the same old furniture and you feel the need for a change. That doesn’t mean that the chair’s life is over. You could, for example, turn it into a unique planter for your patio or for your garden.

Planter made form an old chair

It all starts with the simple process of removing the seat. Depending on the type of chair you have and its design, this part can differ. In any case, find a way to either completely remove the seat to expose the frame or to make a hole in it.

The process to create a chair planter

Here’s how the process would go if you’d have to cut a hole in the chair’s seat. Start by tracing a circle, centered on the seat. You can use a bucket or a big round container for this part. Then drill a hole, somewhere within that circle. Then continue with a second hole. Then you take a jig saw and follow around the inside of the circle. Cut out the middle and sand down the edges. {found on fourgenerationsoneroof}.

Metalic chair turned into a planter

The type of chair you use for this project is completely up to you so don’t feel obligated to find a wood chair. A metal one can work just fine. And if the chair looks really bad, you can apply a fresh coat of paint on the frame before you do anything else. Then, after you expose the frame and remove the seat, place a large planter inside.{found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

Old wood chair transformation

A similar treatment can be applied to an old wood chair, regardless of how bad its condition is. If you have to, you can make some small repairs such as adding a few nails here and there or gluing something down. Then take some paint and give it a fresh new look. Usually wooden chairs have a pretty nice and solid frame which you can see after you remove the seat. So find a planter with the right dimensions and place it in the center. {found on premeditatedleftovers}.

Rocking chair planter

A rocking chair planter can look very charming on the porch. Obviously, you’ll need an old rocking chair for such a project. If you don’t have one, maybe you can buy it for a cheap price. Give it a thorough cleaning, sand it down and then paint it. Remove the upholstery if there is any to expose the frame. You can then attach a hanging basket to the frame and then put a planter in it.{found on homestoriesatoz}.

Perfect Garden Project from an old chair

The beauty of such a project lies not only in the chair but also the planter. There are many different options you can choose from and, while the simplest one is to get a plastic or terra cotta planter with a classic design, a wicker basket can look a lot more interesting and can also offer a rustic look to the whole composition. You can spray paint the basket to match the chair.{found on wednesdaysnest}.

Keep the old age of the chair

Since you’re using an old chair for the project, in a way it would be unnatural to try to hide its age. So, if you really feel like it needs some fresh paint, you can give it a worn look by sanding it in the right places. Check out the tutorial on Paintedtherapy for a bit more inspiration.

Succulent old chair

Of course, there’s also a different strategy you can opt for. It would work for a chair that really looks old and has the design to prove it. A good example can be found on Flatcreekfarm. The strategy used here is really inspiring and beautiful. The burlap, succulents and stones create a very charming composition.

Orange chair turned into a planter

And if a regular planter is too mainstream and you want to try something different while keeping the project’s cost as low as possible, you can check out Cottageatthecrossroads for an interesting suggestion. Take an old chair, remove the seat and then staple some chicken wire to the frame. Then put a basket full of flowers inside.