10 Track Lighting Styles That Prove Anything Can Be Chic

Track lighting has taken a big hit in the decorating world. Many people who use it try to make it as inconspicuous as possible. Buying track lighting at the hardware store is like smuggling a beer into Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re struggling with feelings of shame and guilt, you’re in the right place. In more recent times, track lighting has been shown to be useful and chic if used in the correct way. Check out these 10 track lighting styles that prove that anything can be stylish nowadays.

Black statement track lights

When considering which color to buy for your track lighting, go against your instincts to install matching colors. A black track light can act more as statement lighting instead of hiding among the cobwebs. (via Decoholic)

Track lights on beams

While most track lights go directly on the ceiling, some ceilings are too high. So bring your tracks down a notch and install them on the beams instead. It will make your space feel more cozy instead of monstrous. (via Dwell)

In ceilling lighting

On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to hang any lighting any lower than it has to be. Time to bust into that ceiling space and install your track lights up inside your ceiling. It will seem like magic when you flip the switch. 

Track light chandelier

Looking for a unique and artsy chandelier for your dining room? Install a small track light on a piece of rustic wood for the most artsy chandelier you’ve ever seen. (via Decor Facil)

Narrow room track lights

Narrow rooms can be difficult to light up sufficiently because there may not be much space for lamps. A strip or two of track lights can help you even out the brightness of the room while not taking up any precious floor space. (via Home and Decor)

Chic brass track lights

If you could install brass track lights, why wouldn’t you? Whether you buy them or DIY them, this track lighting will be something you’ll want to showcase, no matter what room it’s in. (via Rubn)

Spotlight track lights

You’ve probably thought about having track lights to put light on your kitchen’s open shelving, but have you thought about using them to put a spotlight on your favorite art? Above a bookcase or your fireplace mantle will make your styled spaces the stars of the show. (via Tristan Auer)

DIY hanging track lights

Sometimes you have that one place that you just can’t seem to get bright enough. Hack a track light so you have hanging bulbs instead of spotlights. Suddenly you’ll have light right where you need it. (via Apartment Therapy)

Room perimeter track lights

Designers encourage us to keep our furniture from sitting against the walls which usually means there can be some pretty dark corners in our living areas. Shed some light by installing track lights around the perimeter of the room. Not only will it light up the dark space, it will give your gallery wall some life. (via Design District)

Various living lighting

There are so many useful ways to install track lighting in your home, but you have to remember one thing. Track lighting isn’t meant to be your main source of light. Make sure you have other lamps or a pendant or flush mount to give your space the appropriate light it needs. (via Architecture AU)