Touch Screen Shower by Fima

Another touch screen gadget for your bathroom from Fima. The Touch Screen Shower has an integrated intelligent touch sensitive screen display that lets you preset your ideal water temperature while controlling your water consumption. Beautiful and smart, this touch screen shower brings the best of both worlds to your bathroom.

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It’s definitely an innovation in this domain. This is probably just the beginning. Soon there will be plenty of similar designs, with similar features. But until then, this one is unique. It has in interesting design. Personally I don’t find it very attractive. Those colorful lights are not a nice detail in my opinion. They just might be too much. I would have prefered a much simpler and stylish design, with fewer details and decorations. Really, the functionality and the practical aspect are important here. The design is not the most inspired one.

But the technological details are something I can’t argue with. From this point of view, this shower is perfect, or at least close to perfection. It’s very nice that you can preset the water temperature and control the water consumption. This could save you a lot of trouble. Unlike the standard shower design, this one is actually trying to make your life easier by taking care of some annoying details that otherwise you would have to deal with.For more details visit Fima.