The Beauty of Parquet Floor

I have not lived in an era when parquetry was famous and perhaps this is the explanation why I was impressed by the houses where parquet was part of the beauty of the house. Parquet may have a strong effect on the interior of a house as it will affect the whole ambiance.

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This type of technique is very old as it dates back to the 17th century when “parquet de menuiserie” tiles were used to replace marble flooring at Versailles. Those who appreciate this elegant style which was a dominant at the palace of Versailles will admire the multitude of examples offered bellow.

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All these examples show you the various effects that these wood parquets have on different types of interiors.You may notice that the light nuance of parquet may brighten that interior so that the room becomes more lighted. If you intend to choose a certain nuance of parquet for your room you may also be able to take into account the contrast that you can create. A dark nuance of parquet can contrast some white walls or a light nuance of parquet can contrast some dark colored walls.

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The parquet floors may feature different nuances and patters so that you can also create a colored room which can become dynamic and full of life.{found on decorati}