15 Summer-Ready Cocoon Chairs That Invite Themselves In

Cocoon chairs, just like hammocks or hanging chairs are really cozy and comfortable, allowing the user to relax and simply enjoy the space and the views. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Bubble chairs, for example, are a sleek option. In addition, they’re versatile and they can easily become a favorite reading chair or a lovely accessory for the empty corner in the bedroom or for the shaded spot in the garden.


The Cocoon Hanging Chair was designed for outdoor use. Hang it from a tree or take it with you when you go camping. This versatile accessory resembles a small tent ideal for enjoying a bit of privacy in the great outdoors.


A similar piece is Nestrest – a cocoon hanging chair resembling a bird’s nest which can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s made of strong Dedon fiber and has a sturdy and solid construction. Use alone or relax as a couple.


William Lelasseux came up with a really interesting design for a hanging chair, inspired by the chrysalis. It’s made from solid ash and has stainless steel hardware and cotton fabrics. The ropes and nets and recyclable. You can either hand the chair from a tree or use the stand.


This piece was designed by Kim Kaja Woelky and it’s one of those must-have pieces in any garden or backyard. Once you get cozy inside you can close off the cocoon for more privacy. It’s fun for both kids and adults.


The Cocoon Beach is more than just a comfortable chair. It’s actually a daybed, ideal for outdoor spaces by the pool. It has an aluminum framework and it’s woven with waterproof straw and synthetic wire. The piece is shaped like a sphere and has two foam mattresses and two sets of curtains.


It’s sure nice to have such a chair out in the garden but adding one indoors is not a bad idea either. However, the problem with the models described above is that they don’t let light in. the bubble chair designed by Eero Aarnio solves this issue by being transparent.


This is how the transparent chair would look like in a living space. It hangs from the ceiling at a comfortable height and it’s a great piece to place in the corner of a room or close to the windows so the user can enjoy the views.


This wicker bubble chair is really cozy and fun to have around. Place it in the sunroom, hang it on the patio or put it in the bedroom. It comes in a variety of colors so you can easily match it to the existing décor.


Not all cocoon chairs have to hang from a tree or a beam to look cool. Some are actually more attractive when they offer different designs, like the Cradle designed by Richard Clarkson. The idea was to create a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment with a simple and attractive design.


The Papasan chair is a classic and it could be easily included in this category. It was first introduced in the 1950s and has been a stylish piece of furniture used in interior designs around the globe ever since. Many different versions of the original chair are now available.


The classic Egg chair inspired a piece we now know as a Cave chair which has a cocoon-like design. The chair features an iron base with engineered wicker and cotton twill cushions. It’s a casual design able to adapt to a variety of environments and styles.


For those that want comfort and coziness in a modern modern package, we discovered this seating pod. It was designed by Freyja Sewell and it’s called Hush. It’s basically a stylish felt pod with a discreet slit down the middle. It never closes completely and it can also be used as a simple chair.


The Nest Chair by Nina Bruun is obviously inspired by a bird’s nest and it has a graphical and apparently chaotic design. It has a bottom seat and four legs and a series of birch strips are arranged in a random pattern to create the unique and distinctive look.


Cocoon chairs are really fun for the kids. This one, for example, is offered by Think&Shift and it was envisioned as a small private space where kids can get away from all the noise and hustle. It’s like a secret getaway in the form of a comfortable plywood chair.