10 Tips for Styling The Best Hallway Ever

Hallways are such interesting spaces. They are the pathway from one room to another. Usually they lead from the living areas of your home to the bedrooms. And often, we don’t put much thought into their decorating, even though they are the first place we see when we come out of the bedroom each morning and the last place before going to sleep. They deserve the decorating effort we have to give them. Take a look at these 10 tips for styling the best hallway ever and you might just want to hang out in your hallway more often.

Brightly painted hallway styling

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a space is to paint it a bright color! Take a color that’s already in your home and choose the brightest on the same color swatch. Or go for something different and surprising. (via Anna Gillar)

Runner rug hallway styling

You already know that rugs are a quick way to change up a space. Put a colorful runner in your hallway that will greet you with a pattern and a smile every morning. (via Kate Marker Interiors)

Statement art hallway styling

Long hallways are perfect for one thing: statement art! A couple compatible pieces lined in a row gives a very clean and modern effect, whether you use paintings or prints or even large family photos. (via Gallerie B)

Wallpaper hallway styling

When you can put a pattern on it, why wouldn’t you? Wallpaper is a great option for narrow hallways that frames might make look smaller. It will provide the pop without taking away any space. (via Room for Tuesday)

Painted floorboards hallway styling

Got wood floor? Consider painting it. A gradient pattern like this one would basically be the focal point of your hallway. Or you could paint it all one color for a smooth look and easy cleaning. (via The Blog Deco)

Pendant light hallway styling

Pendant lights belong in hallways with high ceilings. Something big and bulky is going to help fill out the empty space above your doorways. Installing a sparkly chandelier will give you some glamour. Modern homes needs a light with clean lines and a geometric shape. (via Inside Out)

Credenza storage hallway styling

Wide hallways are my favorite. There is just so much opportunity! Place a credenza in your hallway to give you extra storage for linens or guest room necessities. (via Remodelista)

Bookshelf hallway styling

Bookshelves are another great storage option for wide hallways. Install them the length of your hallway to give the space a library look or put in one bookshelf to hold books and trinkets and towels, whatever your guests might need on their way to bed. (via The Studio M Designs)

Gallery wall hallway styling

Hallways are wonderful spaces for gallery walls because usually there isn’t much space for anything else. Gather up all your favorite family photos and inspiring prints and movie posters and cover up those hallway wall with your favorites. (via My Domaine)

Picture ledge hallway styling

Who says you have to hang your pictures? Picture ledges along the hallway makes space for unlimited opportunity. You’ll be able to easily keep your photos updated, display the daily painting of your toddler, decorate with wreaths or vases and store library books. (via Nuevo Estilo)