10 Ideas To Style Your Garden Shed

Owning a house inevitably means you have a yard to care for as well. Whether it’s big or small, there is usually a set of tools that every homeowner requires to keep their outdoor space looking tidy and what’s more, you need a place to store those tools. Enter, the shed. Most of the time, a shed is merely a place for storage. But with the right frame of mind, you can make your garden shed a beautiful bit of your yard. Check out these 10 ideas to style your garden shed and get yours looking spiffy in no time.

Cottage style shedView in gallery

One of the best ways to decorate your shed is to make it seem like a little house of it’s own. Put a real door on it. Hang some shutters. Make your neighbors believe that you have one of those enviable outdoor work spaces. (via Three Dogs in a Garden)

Window boxes shedView in gallery

Who doesn’t love a window box? If your shed has real windows (or even fake ones!), add some window boxes that you can fill with plants or herbs or whatever your heart desires. (via Red)

Shed floral trellisView in gallery

Placing a trellis on the side of your shed is another great way to add some easy landscaping and give your shed some interest. Climbing flowers and vines are one of the best ways to bring life to any space! (via Three Dogs in a Garden)

Brightly colored shed doorView in gallery

Sometimes a little color will solve a whole lot of problems. Paint your shed door something bright and happy that will make you look forward to yard work on Saturdays. (via Empress of Dirt)

Stone shed path decorView in gallery

A stone pathway can do a lot to define an outdoor space. Install a stone path that leads to your shed door so bringing things in and out will be easy. (via Hometalk)

Plant shelf shed decorView in gallery

Some yards have a shed but no work space. Build a little desk for the side of your shed that you can use as a workspace and to display potted plants. (via The Inspired Room)

Vegetable garden shed landscapingView in gallery

Landscaping in a yard is essential. If your shed is still on it’s lonesome, consider building a vegetable garden around it. Not only will it provide interesting landscaping, it will be useful to your kitchen. (via The Peony and The Bee)

Outdoor shed lightView in gallery

Have you ever needed a tool after dark and realized you left it in the shed so you sacrifice your toes to stumble out there and get it? Put a light on your shed so you will never trip and stumble your way there again. (via Hometalk)

Antique shed decorView in gallery

Plants aren’t the only things that can give your shed some personality. Many antiques are already rusty beyond repair so hanging them on your shed will only make it look decorative. Plus they will withstand any weather. (via @c.1934)

Christmas shed decorView in gallery

We decorate our houses for Christmas, so why not our garden sheds? Be liberal with your lights this year and line your shed too. If you have window boxes, fill them with evergreens and bright Christmas ornaments. (via Indeed Decor Blog)