Design Tricks: How To Make A Ceiling Look Higher

A low ceiling can make a room feel cramped and tiny, even if the floor space is not large and the windows are big. So how can you make a ceiling look higher? The possibilities are numerous and you’d be surprised how many clever solutions there are. For example:

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Use lighter colors throughout and try to coordinate the ceiling with the rest of the room’s décor. If there’s not a strong contrast between them a low ceiling can actually appear higher.

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Full height curtains can also help with this problem. The curtains should cover the entire space between the floor and the ceiling without any interruptions. This way there will be a continuous and fluid look.

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One of the most common options is to use white paint on the ceiling. In addition, if you choose a glossy finish the light will be reflected from the ceiling and it appear to be higher than it actually is. This strategy also helps make a room seem larger.

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Large mirrors, in addition to making a small room appear bigger, can also make a low ceiling seem higher. The trick is to either use really large mirrors that cover almost the entire wall or to mount the mirror high on the wall, directly under the ceiling.

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A wide light fixture could also help in a way. Actually, this bedroom also benefits from having a really beautiful ceiling in a chocolate brown color that matches some of the other features in the room. The light fixture is flush with the ceiling and branches out.

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Vertical patterns help make a space seem higher and this can be applied when dealing with a low or slanted ceiling. You can emphasize this detail in a variety of different ways and even mix and match various colors and shapes.

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Avoid features protruding from the ceiling. It’s best to not have any ceiling fans or low-hanging pendant lights or chandeliers. Recessed lights are a good option when dealing with a low ceiling,

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Use low-profile furniture. This way you keep the focus on floor level and minimize the importance of the ceiling, making it appear higher. Combine this strategy with other tricks described above.

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Make good use of wall lighting and cove lighting. Instead of a chandelier or pendant light, choose this strategy instead. Not only that you’ll make the ceiling look higher than it actually is but you’ll also create a really pleasant ambiance.{found on markenglisharchitects}.