Ruffle Stripe Quilt and Shams

Every little girl and every mother like ruffles on the little dresses because little girls look so cute in these dresses. If the dresses are also made of colourful fabric the dress will be a wonder. But you can use the ruffles in other fields, too, like in designing bedding. Quilts are the ones that are more likely to have a nice design with ruffles rather than other pieces of bedding. And this gorgeous Ruffle Stripe Quilt and Shams is the perfect illustration.


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The quilt comes in a set with shams that have the same design and the same combination of colours. This set, for example, uses a combination of different shades of gray and the result is simply magnificent.

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The set is made of cotton which is the perfect fabric for bedding and the four horizontal stripes are coloured in a darker shade of gray, which makes a great visual effect. The quilt is made in India. Also you can clean it in the washing machine, which is very convenient. The quilt can be purchased for $129-149, depending on size and the shams starting from $19.99.