Round Step Trash Can

Whether you are at home or at your office, whether you are young or old, you still need some very apparently unimportant things around you, things that are a part of your life and everyday routine. They are very useful , yet you do not think about them unless you need them. Such an example of thing is the trash can that you use more than once a day. Without it you would be forced to find some innovative ways of storing garbage or throw all the paper pieces and other trifles you no longer need all over the place. And if your trash can is broken or very far you will certainly think about it. So these trash cans are important, too. And if you want to have a clean office without any unnecessary problems you will want this Round Step Trash Can.

PACE3 6895646dtFirst of all it is very useful and can hold up to 30 liters of trash or 8 gallons. So you do not have to take it out three times a day. Then it is very nice-looking and cool and fits the general design of your office perfectly. It is made of brushed stainless steel, so it is perfect for any modern office or even home. The lid is dent proof, so you do not have to worry that your fingers will show in a bad way on it. It is very easy to use it, as you simply press the small step and the lid opens. You can actually keep it open for a longer time if you need it. It is available for $49.99.