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Keep Your Home Cool With A Retractable Ceiling Fan

Are you looking for a new ceiling fan, a fan that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance? A retractable ceiling fan just may be what you’re looking for. They’re pretty and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

retractable ceiling fan

Today, you’ll learn that retractable fans are indeed worth considering, and read about some of the best retractable ceiling fans on the market, as well as how to care for them.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: Parrot Uncle Fans Retractable Ceiling Fans

We chose the Parrot Uncle as the best one because it’s made out of high-quality materials. It’s also beautiful and you can control the speeds via a remote.

Best Quality: Mercer 41 Retractable Ceiling Fan

The Mercer 41 Retractable Ceiling Fan is made out of high-quality materials that is easy to maintain. It also looks nice in your living room that comes with a remote control and light kit.

Best value for your money: US DELIVER Retractable Ceiling Fan

The US DELIVER Retractable Ceiling Fan is actually one of those fans that you’ll get the best value for your money. It’s made out of high-quality material, looks pretty and still has a remote control that you can use to control the speeds.

What is a retractable ceiling fan?

A retractable ceiling fan is a fan that can retract its blades when it’s off and spreads out when it’s on. When it spreads out it’s usually the full size of the blades.

There are many different sizes and styles that can be chosen from. Some may even have crystals or an industrial design.

Benefits of having a retractable ceiling fan


A lot of retractable ceiling fans actually don’t make a lot of noise. It’s because the way that they are designed, they are supposed to be quieter thanks to the technology in the motors. The heavy blades of standard ceiling fans are often heavier and require a large motor that can be noisy.

Little to no maintenance

Retractable fans are actually very easy to keep clean because they are made out of high-quality material that doesn’t usually attract dust. Even if you do need to keep it clean, all you’ll need to do is a light wiping of the blade and that’s it!

Aesthetically pleasing

Retractable ceiling fans are particularly aesthetically pleasing because some of them have that chandelier look and some have the industrial look. There’s a style and model for just about any type of décor.

Powerful enough to circulate air

The retractable ceiling fans, especially the ones that have larger blades, are certainly powerful enough to circulate air to keep a large room cool. Even the smaller ones are powerful enough to cool down a small room in the event that there is no air conditioner.

Made out of high-quality materials

The blades on most retractable ceiling fans are made out of high-quality material that is meant to last for years and extremely easy to maintain. The more trusted brands have excellent warranties as well.

8 Best Retractable Ceiling Fans

Fantine 4 – Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Fantine 4 - Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling FanView in gallery

The House of Hampton Retractable Ceiling 42” Fan is one you’ll want to consider for your home. It is modern, you can control it with the remote control. It has a silent motor and it’s made out of metal. It’s a crystal chandelier so it’s a beautiful fan to have in your home. The blades themselves are reversible. This fan is perfect for your living room, bedrooms or smaller rooms that may need a fan.


  • Made out of high-quality material
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • 42”


  • It can only cool down a smaller room

Grabowicz 4 – Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Grabowicz 4 - Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling FanView in gallery

This retractable ceiling fan by Wrought Studio 42 has 4 blades and it even has led lighting when you turn it on. It is a modern invisible fan chandelier combined with a remote control and automatic telescopic fan blade. The remote control can control the LED lights that have three color changes, the fan has 4 speed settings which can all be controlled by the remote. As far as the construction, it is made out of a metal body and abs retractable blades and pure copper motor. It is suitable for small rooms (up to 8 X10). There is a light kit included to help you install the lights. There’s also a gold or silver color option that you can choose from.


  • Made out of high-quality materials
  • Can use a remote control to control the LED Lights
  • Good for smaller rooms


  • Might not cool down or light up a much larger room

Broxburne 4 – Blade LED Ceiling Fan

Broxburne 4 - Blade LED Ceiling FanView in gallery

Yes, we have another House of Hampton retractable ceiling fan but this one has 46-inch blades that’s suited for a larger room. There are three different light options that you can choose from cool light to warm light if you’d like. It’s also made with chrome finish, and you can also choose a white color for this fan if you’d like. The fan speed and light can be controlled by the remote control. The motor itself is extremely quiet. This ceiling fan is good for small to medium rooms.

What customers are saying:

“Absolutely gorgeous!!! It is so much prettier in person. I had posted on Facebook and everyone raved about it. The fan is super quiet and very strong, also I ordered the warm lighting, and I was so glad I did because it is bright.”

“I really love it. Topic of all conversations. I love the fact that the fan comes out when it’s on… makes it that much more interesting.”

“Just gorgeous!! Great price was easy to install for the electrician & I put the crystals myself no problem. The light is beautiful & the fan is quiet. The pictures are accurate.”


  • Pretty and quiet
  • Choice of different lighting
  • 46-inch blades


  • Some users complained that the light was too bright

Dunwall 4 – Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Dunwall 4 - Blade LED Retractable Blades Ceiling FanView in gallery

The Mercer 41 Retractable Ceiling Fan is a high-quality fan made out of metal, has a acrylic lamp cover, ABS retractable blades and pure copper motor. The fan is 42 inches long and 19 inches if the fan blade is retracted. A remote control does come with this fan, and you can control it by dimming the LED lights and it can also change the light colors (from cool white to warm white to yellow). This fan is suited for smaller rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms etc.

What customers are saying:

“The fan itself is beautiful and appears well-made from good materials. It works flawlessly and is the perfect solution for someone who has a love hate relationship with ceiling fans like myself.”

“Awesomeness going on with this product! Lighting options are great, the gold accent looks amazing, crystals look good and are easy to install! Overall, I’m very pleased.”

“This ceiling fan is absolutely gorgeous. Shipping was super-fast and everything was in 1 piece. I will do a follow up review once we install.”


  • Heavy duty
  • Nice design
  • Easy to set up
  • Can control lights with remote


  • Takes a while to set up according to some users

Petra 4 – Blade Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Petra 4 - Blade Retractable Blades Ceiling FanView in gallery

The Williston Forge Retractable Ceiling Fan that has a wall switch that can be good for a regular room. It is multi-functional so that means it can diffuse light in the room and also cool the air as well. As far as construction it is metal obviously in industrial design. With this retractable fan, the blades can stretch out and retract automatically when the fan is on and off. The fan can also work independently or together with the light. With this retractable ceiling fan, you get blades, downrod, light kit, and shade. This retractable ceiling fan it’s perfect for small rooms up to (8×10).

What customers are saying:

“Redoing our basement and it looks great with our black ceiling, just what I was looking for! Could give off a little more air, but it does have smaller blades, but it’s very cool, we love it!”

“Beautiful fan for my living room.”

“LOVE, LOVE! this ceiling fan! I could watch the blades extend and retract over and over. We installed it without the hanging rod to be closer to the ceiling. Looks great! Thanks!”


  • High quality construction
  • Blades can stretch and retract automatically
  • Looks good in smaller rooms


  • You will need a separate power source if you want to control the fanlight

Schulze 3 – Blade Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

Schulze 3 - Blade Retractable Blades Ceiling FanView in gallery

The Williston Forge 42” Blade Retractable Ceiling Fan has a beautiful crystal chandelier fan that would look good in any room. It also has retractable 42” blades that can retract back into place when it’s turned off. Because of the fan’s size, it is suited for medium sized rooms. Besides the fan, you also get a downrod, blades and light kit.

What customers are saying:

“This is the coolest thing in the house, lol. It is really beautiful, and nobody expects it to be a fan. Hanging the crystals takes patience but they gave extra crystals and hangers in case some are broken or scratched, which was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this to give any space unexpected beauty.”

“Glamour of the lights … beautiful and it’s a fan!!!! Love the fact that it came with spare glass crystals… Some were broken during shipping.”

“I’m obsessed!! Gives off a good amount of air and brightens up the room way more than my previous light fixture. I am buying 2 more lol. Highly recommend.”


  • Comes with extra spare glass crystals in case some breaks
  • Brightens up a medium sized room really well
  • Very nice retractable design with blades


  • It does make some noise when the fan is to be turned off
  • Some users have reported that the airflow is on the weaker side

Ceiling Fans with Lights

Ceiling Fans with LightsView in gallery

If you are looking for something that’s a nice design, you’ll like the Parrot Uncle Retractable Ceiling Fan. Made out of high-quality material such as iron, crystal and fabric, it’s sure to last a long time. These are 46-inch blades so it’s good for medium or large-sized rooms. There are 4 acrylic blades that retract by stretching out when it’s on and retract back to its shorter length when it’s turned off. It is 46 inches when it’s stretched, and 20 ¾ inches when it’s closed. There is also a remote control that can control the light and fan speeds. It can also set a timer in 2-4-8 intervals. For the style, it has a really nice industrial look with a farmhouse style finish. This ceiling fan comes with downrods and blades. You will have to purchase five Edison bulbs for this fan separately.

What customers are saying:

“This fan is simply cool. Looks nice. Works well. Makes a surprising amount of air.”

“Love, Love, Love this fan. It wasn’t hard to install, it took my husband about 1 hr. Only issue was with the regular Edison bulbs, generating a lot of heat so I have an order for 100-watt LED bulbs and then it will be perfect. I will be ordering additional fans for our beach house. It is also very quiet.”

“This is the coolest fan that I have ever seen. My electrician had no problem installing it. I tried to get it to dim by following another reviewer’s instructions, but my remote must be different than his. The blades push a great breeze, and the motor is quiet. The remote works perfectly.”


  • Very nice design
  • Made for larger rooms
  • Made out of high quality materials


  • Dependent on the remote for full operation
  • Need to buy light bulbs

US DELIVER Retractable Ceiling Fan

US DELIVER Retractable Ceiling FanView in gallery

The US DELIVER Retractable Ceiling Fan has 42-inch blades when it’s fully out. It’s also made out of high-quality material. It is an industrial style fan that looks good with any modern design living spaces. The ceiling speeds can be controlled by the remote control. You can turn on and off the light with the traditional light switch. This fan is suited for medium sized rooms.

What customers are saying:

“The blades come out quickly but take forever to go back in when you shut it off. No bulbs included, but we ordered ones that look like the picture. Like the fan overall. Glad we bought it.”

“Overall: we are very happy with the light and fan, works great just need to have patience figuring out installation.”


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High quality materials used


  • According to some users, it’s extremely hard to set up or installation instructions are not clear.

How to clean a ceiling fan

How to clean a ceiling fan


You’ll want to prep the ceiling fan by turning off the switch. You don’t want to be trying to dust or clean when it’s on as it can be dangerous.


Assuming that you have a duster, you will want to dust off any dirt or debris that’s on the blade and light fixtures. Doing so will make sure that when it’s time to wash down the blades and fixture, you won’t be wiping dirt.


Now you can take a damp paper towel and start wiping down the blades. You can also wipe down the lighting fixtures. Make sure you dry it completely or let it air dry before using the fan again.

How to install a ceiling fan

How to install a ceiling fan

Prep the space the fan is going in

You’ll want to make sure that the ceiling fan matches the size of the room. You’ll also need to make sure that electrical wires are available as you’ll need them in order to operate the ceiling fan. This means you may have to hire an electrician to install the wires or outlet before you install the ceiling fan.

Make sure the power is off on the outlet

This applies if you have a ceiling fan fixture that’s already wired. You’ll obviously want to make sure that the power is off, so that you can begin installing the new ceiling fan.

Mount the junction box

If you need to remove the previous ceiling fan, this is the time to do so. After that, you’ll want to mount the junction box.

Mount the bracket

After installing the junction box, you’ll want to start mounting the bracket. Sometimes you’ll get a slide on the bracket, but assuming that you don’t, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it’s on right.

Make sure the down rods are set

You’ll want to make sure that the down rods are set correctly so that you can set it. Always refer to the manual for this step as it differs depending on the make and model.

Time to wire

Now that nearly everything is in place, you will want to wire the ceiling fan to the ceiling to help secure it in place. If you’re not comfortable doing minor electrical work, we recommend you hiring a professional for this step.

Attach the blades and install lightbulbs

Finally, you’ll want to attach the blades and lightbulbs. You’ll want to make sure that it works by turning on the outlet, to see if it’s running/on. If there’s an issue, turn off the power immediately before assessing the fan.

You can find full, in detail instructions HERE.


Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

4 blades can provide more air circulation, but they can also cost more than their 3 blade fan ceiling fan counterparts.

Do hugger ceiling fans work?

They do work if there are ceilings under 8 feet, so basically very low ceilings.

Is ceiling fan better than standing fan?

A ceiling fan will actually circulate the air in all parts of the room it’s in. A standing fan will only cool down the direction it’s in.

Bottom Line

Having a retractable ceiling fan can add value to your home. It looks great and it can eliminate the need for air conditioning. There are many sizes and designs that you can choose from. Whether you need a small one or larger one, there are many options out there for you to choose. If you like the ones that we listed or feel that another manufacturer’s is better, please let us know in the comments, if you like.