Pyramid Bookshelf

Most times shelves are horizontal, with slight variations in size and shape. But I am a huge fan of unusual things, so I am not attracted by this kind of shelves and I prefer something more original like this Pyramid Bookshelf for example. It is totally unexpected in shape, as it looks just like a pyramid. All the little cubicles that divide the shelf look like diamonds and the shelf can be arranged so as to fit the space you have available. You can choose to hang the shelf on the wall or place it on the floor, make it the centerpiece of your living room or place it in some corner of your room, anything is possible. 0305a001 shelf

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The shelf is made of wood base and you can choose to have it in black or white, whatever fits your  living room design best. Besides, it has am amazing scalable system of interlocking components and you can use it to make it bigger or smaller, depending on your needs. The material of choice for this furniture is heat-infused melamine with medium density fiberboard, which makes it pretty durable and hard to deteriorate. Every shelf space can hold up to 75 lbs and it is scratch, dent, and water resistant. Made of recycled materials , the shelf can be bought for $168.