Tips for Decorating with PPGs 2023 Color of the Year: Olive Sprig

You asked and we delivered: PPGs 2022 Color of the Year is finally out and we are going to dissect it, discuss it, throw it in every room of the house to see how it fits and tell you how to decorate with it.

PPGs 2022 Color of the Year

Does decorating with Olive Sprig seem impossible to blend into your decor? It most likely isn’t, and here’s why and how to see it through with our helpful tips.

What Is PPGs 2022 Color of the Year?

PPG Industries, Inc. is a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in the United States and a leading global provider of coatings, paints, and other adjacent materials. This American paint company PPG has picked Olive Sprig as the 2022 Color of the Year.

What Does Olive Sprig Color Look Like?

Olive Sprig is a soothing shade described by the manufacturer as a “sophisticated grey-green.  It embodies healing, renewal, and resiliency, all of which PPG recognizes are necessary for human flourishing.

What Does Olive Sprig Color Look Like?
Image from @SKD Architects

PPG examined our last year to choose its Color of the Year, concluding that we are all craving authenticity, nature, and real human interaction after living in a primarily digital environment.

They concluded that Olive Sprig is a color that embodies every bit of optimism that we need considering the current global situation. It is a green-gray shade which is highly adaptable, very versatile, very grounded, and brings a little bit of nature into our homes. It is a color that mixes in with practically any surroundings.

Using Olive Sprig Color in Your Living Room

Using Olive Sprig Color in Your Living Room
Image from troxelcustomhomes

Painting Your Walls

Olive Sprig isn’t just a color that you want to use to paint an accent wall because its soothing tone invites calm and reflection up to a point where you want to see it on every wall. Combine vibrant hues with powerful neutrals for a vibrant yet livable aesthetic. Remember: white ceilings and Olive Sprig walls are a match made in Heaven.

Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows are an easy way to add style to your living room. To begin, keep in mind that your pillows do not have to match. Indeed, if they do not, you can create a more professional, elegant appearance.

Decide on a “color story” for your cushion choices. It’s recommended to incorporate three distinct colors from other areas of the room, such as the wall color, the carpeting, or the curtains. If you select a range of pillows with varying patterns, the effect will remain coherent if they share at least one hue.

Since Olive Sprig goes really well with soft pinks, you can easily incorporate these two colors in your throw pillows and blankets. For the third pillow, you can always choose purple to create a stunning contrast.


Spend no time attempting to match colors precisely. It does not occur naturally, and if you try too hard, you will end up with an unnatural appearance. One approach that designers frequently do, particularly whether designing a space from scratch or redoing an existing one, is to begin with adding an area rug and work from there.

If you’re hesitant to experiment with a strong color, start small. Olive Sprig is a great color to kick off that start, especially if you can combine it with the walls.

Wall Art

Allow sufficient time to plan your desired configuration. Because visualizing how an art combination will look on your wall might be challenging, it’s beneficial to sketch out your strategy.

Use discretion when it comes to displaying art in your home. When selecting art for a space, it’s a good idea to give one wall the spotlight and the rest of the artwork a supporting role.

If you can’t find any wall art where Olive Sprig dominates the stage, you can always choose frames in this particular color to embed the mystery and tranquility of this PPGs 2022 Color of the Year in your decor.

Incorporating Olive Sprig Color in Your Kitchen

Incorporating Olive Sprig Color in Your Kitchen
Image from 2marchitecture

Wall Color

While monochromatic kitchen color choices are both classic and fashionable, achieving the appearance is more difficult than you may think. It might be difficult to avoid becoming bored with an all-white kitchen and then to choose a countertop that suits the style.

You definitely want to avoid Olive Sprig sprinkled all over the kitchen, but you can totally pull it off if you choose it as wall paint and opt for black or white kitchen furniture.


Interior decor experts suggest that the color for a backsplash needs to be lighter compared to your countertops. However, pulling off a combination of Olive Sprig backsplash and brown countertops is ridiculously easy. If you like a more dramatic aesthetic, consider a marbled design, curved tiles, or contrasting grout.


The best kitchen countertops are available in an infinite variety of materials and configurations. Rather than focusing on the material, though, let us consider the countertop color that best reflects your desired setups.

For instance, to complement oak wood kitchen cabinets, you can install a sage kitchen countertop made of granite or ceramics. Meanwhile, kitchen cabinets in an orange hue complement a bluish gray countertop.

Olive Sprig is a tough color to pull off in terms of countertops. However, as mentioned before, you can totally combine different shades of brown for the countertops and Olive Sprig as a wall or backsplash color.

Runner Rugs

Nothing compares to the bright and airy appearance of a white kitchen. The combination of crisp cabinetry and clean pale tile emits a delicate buoyant charm. However, the area can easily become overly white, making it appear sterile and uninviting.

Add texture and color to the area to give it individuality. There is no better method to accomplish this than through the use of a rug or runner.

If the predominant colors in your kitchen include black, white, or brown, having an Olive Sprig runner rug is just what you need to add a drop of vitality. It’s really unique to see such a neutral color add so much vividness to a room.

Countertop Accessories

Making space on your kitchen countertops for both aesthetics and function is one of those delicate situations. Appliances that you use on a daily basis typically take up more valuable space than ornamental goods.

However, this does not mean you should skimp on attractive items that will brighten up your kitchen with splashes of color and even added functionality. There are numerous methods to find a balance between attractive and functional. Now, if we could only find an Olive Sprig espresso machine…

Decorating with Olive Sprig Color in Your Dining Room

Decorating with Olive Sprig Color in Your Dining Room
Image from Keystone Custom Homes

Wall Color

When choosing a wall color for the dining room, you’re definitely looking to set a mood. When choosing the ideal dining room paint color, opt for a hue that establishes the space’s ambiance.

It should be in keeping with your entertaining style, as this space will be used for entertaining guests, relaxing over dinner with the family, and even hosting dinners on special occasions.

Given your brief presence in the room, feel free to use bright color to establish an exquisite and dramatic tone. Additionally, lighter tones work nicely while neutrals (such as Olive Sprig) are welcoming and cozy.


Placemats have mostly fallen out of favor to make room for simpler, casual table settings. It’s logical. After all, they’re just another item to store, set out, wash, and then re-store.

We love the idea of choosing Olive Sprig for placemats because it allows you to test the water and see how the color would blend in with your existing decor. If you have brightly-colored china, it might not always work, but when you’re pulling out those white plates with pink floral details, they will be spot on.


Integrating Olive Sprig in your existing decor using centerpieces is ridiculously easy because of the many options you get to play with. Whether it’s succulents in an Olive Sprig vase or a gorgeous golden candle holder with Olive Sprig candles in it, you’ve got this covered!

Adding Olive Sprig Color in Your Bedroom

Painting Your Walls
Image from @Freestyle Interiors


Along with other decor, an area rug contributes to the overall feel of a room. You may desire a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom to promote slumber, whereas a recreational environment may demand more energy and brightness. Since Olive Sprig manages to bring relaxation and tranquility, it makes a great choice for a bedroom rug color.


If you enjoy the concept of making a mood board for your bedroom, selecting the stylish bedding will be straightforward. A mood board can be constructed by physically attaching your favorite color swatches to a board, or by creating one on your computer or even by using Pinterest.

Once you’ve completed your mood board, you’ll have a clear idea of the bedding color to purchase. When it comes to Olive Sprig, remember that you can pair with different tones of purple, pink, brown, and gold, thus helping you achieve that color scheme you might have had in mind.


The devil is in the details, and when you want to add Olive Sprig to your decor but also want to think small and not be too bold about this integration, think accents. These could be lamps or lamp shades, throw pillows and throw blankets, cushions for your bed bench, mirror frames, and others.

Wall Art

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind, and the artwork should reflect this. The finest walls in the bedroom for art are right over the bed or on the other wall from the bed.

The best items are large in scale and should be hanging at eye level. Look for abstract works in calming hues or tones. If you enjoy photography, landscapes or photographs that are desaturated work well. And, since the frame has to be modest, how about an Olive Sprig one, since the color just blends in so well with different bedroom styles?


Green curtains are ideal for the bedroom since they promote relaxation, promote a restful night’s sleep, and, in addition, make the space appear more spacious. However, this color is not for everyone, as it may bother certain individuals if there is an excessive amount of green in a room.

That shouldn’t be the case with Olive Sprig, since it has such an intimate hue that invites everyone to relax and just put their worries aside from the rest of the day.

Wall Color

For the majority of individuals, soothing and serene colors work best in a bedroom. You may, however, choose deep, brilliant, or saturated hues to feel more awake, attentive, or passionate.

Since Olive Sprig is a color that brought forth some fancy descriptive words, such as “inspired”, “soothing”, and “optimistic”, do you feel like it would work well as a bedroom wall color? Just asking for a friend…

Using Olive Sprig Color in Your Bathroom

Bathroom olive green walls
Image from Hanson Fine Building

Wall Color

If you’re ready to buy one or two gallons of Olive Sprig wall paint and put in a few hours of work, you can easily update the look of your bathroom. Indeed, the most challenging aspect of the procedure is choosing a color palette.

There is no perfect science to selecting the best bathroom color, and with an infinite number of conceivable possibilities, the task can feel overwhelming.


Planning is critical when selecting tiles for your bathroom. Take a careful look around your bathroom before you begin. Is it a large or a little object? Do you like dark or bright bathroom tiles? Are you comfortable with a lot of cleaning or prefer to keep the scrubbing to a minimum?

If you go with Olive Sprig, dirt is less visible, hot tub steam looks sexier on tiles, and you get to enjoy a relaxing spa-like ambiance in the comfort of your own home.


Bathroom vanities with a lighter hue will reflect the light. They’ll generally help to make the space appear larger and airier – a great benefit for small, dark bathrooms. On the other side, a dark-colored cabinet absorbs light, producing the illusion of a smaller area.

Since Olive Sprig has a mid-tone hue, it’s neither here nor there in terms of space enhancement, so it’s a pretty safe bet regardless of the size effect you’re going for.

Decorating Your Home Office with Olive Sprig Color

Decorating Your Home Office with Olive Sprig Color

Area Rugs

When it comes to styling home office carpets, the same basic rules apply as they do for the rest of your home. The colors already present in your room might serve as an excellent beginning point for color selection.

You can get the desired effect by selecting a rug color that complements a certain aspect of the room’s décor. A solid color area rug is a safe bet if you don’t want to overdo it (maybe you can choose Olive Sprig *wink wink*).

Chair Cushions

It’s true that whoever manufactures office seat cushions is more concerned with function than with personality. Who says, however, that you can’t have some fun with yours? While you may not find it easy to encounter a chair cushion that’s Olive Sprig, you can definitely choose another shade of olive green and still manage to pull it off.

Wall Art

Office artwork ideas can serve as an excellent source of inspiration for daily chores. You may spruce up your walls with phrases, floral wreaths, and canvas posters – whatever your heart desires! As long as you retain an open mind, the options are limitless. Keep in mind what we previously stated about Olive Sprig when it comes to wall art and you should nail it!


From vision boards to huge storage binders, the accessories inside your office can make or break the mood. As much as you love your job, you surely don’t want to be surrounded by all-black pencil holders and dark-colored desk lamps.

Olive Sprig can break those dull patterns and since it’s so easy to match with gold hues, shades or purple, and the classic black and white combo.


As humans, we are natural beings who might suffer greatly if we do not have access to enough nature in our daily lives. Fortunately, it is a simple problem to resolve.

By incorporating greenery into your workstation, you’ll create a sense of well-being while also cleaning the air, and you’ll have more options to enhance and customize your interior design with decorative pots and vases. And, if you can find a plant pot that’s Olive Sprig, why not go for it?

Wall Color

Color is brimming with productive potential, so embrace it wholeheartedly. Numerous scientific research demonstrates that color has a direct effect on both productivity and mood.

Blue tones are said to be able to stimulate the mind, yellow hues will give you a creativity boost, and green (including Olive Sprig) induces emotions of calm, though this varies according to individual preference.

Home Décor Inspiration Using Olive Sprig Color

Farmhouse-Style Sitting Area

Farmhouse-Style Sitting Area

Sarah Greenman cracks open our list of inspiration as far as Olive Sprig decor is concerned by showcasing a gorgeous farmhouse-style living room that embeds 2022’s Color of the Year into the decor. As you can see, the walls are painted with Olive Sprig and combined with the color that’s the easiest to match in such a scenario: white.

Gentle Olive Walls

PPGs 2022 Color of the Year

Brett Webber Architects, PC proves that Olive Sprig is such a good color to use on your living room walls because it pairs nicely with brown, which is another color you often see in these particular rooms. It goes really well with the brown cabinets and matching furniture pieces, but also works amazingly with the red coffee table and throw pillows.

Traditional Living Room

PPGs 2022 Color of the Year

Olive Sprig is the type of wall color that works so well in a lot of setups, you could look at pictures of interior designs that use it the entire day. In this particular example, we can see how the color blends into the decor not just through the walls, but also in the ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. Image from edgehomes.

Olive Sprig Kitchen

PPGs 2022 Color of the Year

You ask for it and Crisp Architects delivered: here is how you can combine Olive Sprig with other elements and furniture that are usually found in a kitchen. Everything goes together so well: the Olive Sprig walls with the white furniture, plus the brown countertops and stools.

Olive Sprig Countertop Accessories

Olive Sprig Countertop Accessories

If there was ever any doubt about how beautiful Olive Sprig kitchenware, china, and countertop accessories would look in your kitchen, David Heide Design Studio is here to prove a point. As you can see, we have predominant Sprig accessories that go hand-in-hand with the natural brown tone of the furniture.

Olive Sprig Bedroom Decor

PPGs 2022 Color of the Year

Phoebe Howard hit us hard with this gorgeous Olive Sprig bedroom. Pretty much all I want to do now is just lay on that bed and sleep. Everything in this picture creates a sense of unity and the different details that use the same color as the walls are such a breath of fresh air: from the bed throw pillows to the Olive Sprig nightstand.

Gorgeous Office Decor

Gorgeous Office Decor

Thanks to Gehan Homes, we can finally understand why PPG recommended using Olive Sprig as a color for office walls. It perfectly balances the austere look that you’re used to seeing in a business setup with the tranquility that you crave for when you walk in a formal place.

Transitional Master Bathroom

Transitional Master Bathroom

If you doubted the power of Olive Sprig accents in your master bathroom, Melville Thomas Architects, Inc. is surely looking to convince you that this color should find its way into your bathroom. You can opt for subtle accessories and hardware or go wall in and add a huge Olive Sprig bathtub into the decor.

Elegant Bathroom Setup

Elegant Bathroom Setup

Imagine having an Olive Sprig bathroom with a timeless look brought by the freestanding tub that makes you feel like royalty every time you take a bath. The wall art and large windows definitely help create that sense of luxury that we’re not always used to seeing in a room that we often take for granted when we choose trivial decorations for it.


What color goes with light olive green?

Combine olive green with complementary red and yellow tones to emphasize its vitality. It goes really well when paired with beige, yellow, and red tones.

Is olive green a good bedroom color?

Olive green is the ideal bedroom color since it is calming but energizing. This tranquil shade of green has the power to expand and brighten a room while bringing the beauty of the outside within.

Does olive green go with grey?

Consider cool green hues such as fresh pistachio, light olive, or even a delicate turquoise when working with cool mid-tone grays that have blue overtones. Generally, cool colors go well with other cool hues. Generally, adhering to this rule will assist you in making the correct paint color selection.

Final Words

Olive Sprig is a color with a lot of hype built around it, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to talk about it without elevating this green hue to the rank of art. Olive Sprig pairs beautifully with natural materials and unusual architectural components and curved-form furniture to create a pleasant and grounded setting.

That being said, it’s perfect for mid-century modern rooms, soothing modern setups, and transitional rooms throughout the house. How would you blend Olive Sprig into your home decor? And for more home design inspiration and tips, check out our guide to choosing the perfect curtains for your home!