Postcard Holder

When you get older you become more nostalgic and sentimental and then you value sentiments more than anything. For example my grandma collects postcards that we, her grandchildren, and also her other relatives send to her from all over the world. She pins them up on the living room wall and admires them every Sunday, saying a little story about every one on different occasions. this way she feels she has all those people close to her and talking to them. But if you ever want to whitewash or remove those postcards, the holes made by the pins look so ugly, so I though of something more practical like this Postcard Holder.

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It may look uninteresting, but it is very useful and also very handy. It is made of antiqued wire and is able to hold a lot of postcards for you, in a nice display, without the inconvenience of the holes. It is only a wire frame and the postcards will cover it because the pictures are the ones supposed to be seen. The five rows will arrange the postcards and you will be able to remove all of them at once when you want to change its place. This interesting home gadget is available for $48 from Jayson Home.