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Spruce Up Your Porch Or Patio With Trellis Planter

One of the best things about having a trellis is the fact that you can grow plants vertically, which is a huge benefit if you don’t have that much space available in your garden/yard. If you’ve never had to buy a trellis before or if you’re new to the world of gardening, there are three main things that you have to know. Today, we’re going to tell you how to choose a trellis planter and what are the best trellis planters that money can buy.

How to Choose a Trellis Planter With Box

A trellis planter with box is amazing from growing flowers to vegetables, but what exactly do you need to look out for before you choose one for yourself?

  • The planter needs to have a very sturdy construction that can support the weight of the plants that will grow on it. As far as the construction is concerned, it should also be water or weather-proof, especially if it’s going to be placed outdoors. While wooden trellis planters look amazing, the best ones are actually made from galvanized or powder-coated steel. If you really want wooden trellis planters, you need to choose treated or painted wood.
  • Then, you have to think about the destination/purpose of the planter itself. Do you want to use it for decorative purposes or are you mainly interested in highlighting the plants? This is important because decorative trellis planters can look really good (and be just as expensive) if you want to use them as focal points in your garden/yard. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a trellis that shows off the plant, then the aspect isn’t really that important.
  • Third most important thing: what plants are your planning to grow? That’s because different plants require different types of support because they grow in different ways. Tomato plants need another type of support compared to pole beans. In order to determine exactly how the specific type of plant you want to have grows, you will have to research that particular plant to see what trellis it needs.

Top 11 Best Trellis Planters

Marial Plastic Planter Box with Trellis

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Our first product of choice is a plastic planter that weighs 17 pounds and measures 60” H x 31.5” W x 17” D overall and has an interior space of 16.5” x 31” x 16.5”. Each of the planters comes with its own drainage hole, which is important for certain types of plants that require proper soil drainage. It features a weather-resistant construction, and it’s also durable in the face of frost and rust.

Amadeo Plastic Planter Box with Trellis

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Even if we typically associate the concept of plastic with poor quality products that are bad for the environment, the Amadeo trellis planter brings a lot of advantages to the, so maybe it’s not the worst option out there. It shares a lot of characteristics with the Marian trellis we talked about earlier, including the interior and exterior dimensions. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any additional tools. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it comes with a drainage hole, and it’s available in a pure white shade.

Encanto Plastic Planter Box with Trellis

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If you’re looking for a trellis planter that’s a bit smaller compared to the two we’ve looked at before, the Encanto matches the requirements.  Overall, it measures 55.9” H x 16.9” W x 32” D and the interior is 15” x 15” x 15” with 14 inches in height. What makes the Encanto interesting is that the plastic it’s made from can be disposed of once the trellis has ended its lifespan. It comes with a drainage hole too, and it is weather-resistant, which makes it good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Huron Plastic Planter Box with Trellis

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Coming in strong with 48” H x 36” W x 15” D in dimension, the Huron plastic trellis planter is yet another suitable product for people who are short on space or want to grow plants that require vertical support. It has a soil capacity of 2.7 cubic feet and comes with 30 climbing cells that allow you to shape the growth of your plants, flowers, or vegetables accordingly. However, unlike the other products we’ve seen before, the Huron doesn’t come with a drainage hole, and that’s something important because some plants require soil with proper drainage.  Since it’s weather-resistant, you can use it outdoors.

Castlegar Vinyl Planter Box with Trellis

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Measuring 18.25” H x 20.5” W x 13.5” D, this is the white planter box that most people who dream about houses with white picket fences want to have. It is perfect for planting colorful flowers because they create a beautiful contrast with the white plastic that’s used to make the planter itself. Designed to be resistant to weather, the planter is ideal for outdoor use. For people who are passionate about DIY projects, it’s going to be really fun to assemble the box because all the pieces fit together just like a puzzle.

Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter with 4 Container Boxes

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Fans of saving space are going to love this vertical garden bed that comes with four planters with generous space in each one. Made from food-grade polypropylene, this is a product idea for growing herbs and vegetables in pots, being the perfect companion for patios, small balconies, or yard where space isn’t all that generous. In the manual, you will also find instructions on how to use the product to make your own cascading drainage system, meaning that the water can flow from the first container on the top to the last one on the bottom.

Classic Home and Garden 160014 Trellis Planter

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There is something about wooden trellis planter that everyone loves, probably because wood is a material with looks that can rarely be replaced. Made from Acacia wood, this trellis comes in a golden brown shade that looks natural and can fit almost every decor imaginable. The assembly process is a breeze, while the construction itself is pretty sturdy. The wood has been treated with natural oils and measures 45.7 x 13.8 inches.

Fusion Planter Cedar Privacy Screen

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Sure, trellis planters are nice, but what if you could have planters equipped with privacy screens? Not only would this look amazing, but it’s probably one of the best ideas to help decorate an outdoor terrace where each table wants its own privacy. Wherever you plan on using it, the Yardistry planter is going to look amazing. The quality is also uncontestable since it’s made with cedar lumber that’s perfect for outdoor use. The system is made from three panels with horizontal wooden slats and planters on the bottom side.

BrylaneHome Resin Garden Arch Trellis

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If your outdoor space can afford it, having an arch trellis planter is about as good as it gets. It is the perfect support/decorative piece for garden aiming for that romantic, almost royal setup that implies walking on a pathway under the cover of Japanese roses that have climbed their way to the top of the arch. The arch has a planter box on each side and it measures 43.5 inches in width, with each planter measuring 16.5 square inches. The polyresin construction has a beautiful bronze finish that makes it look like a vintage wooden construction which is absolutely dreamy.

New England Arbors Colonial Composite Privacy Screen Trellis

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Privacy screens have a way of adding that certain beauty element that we all want to see in our gardens (and not just because we love the privacy factor). This standalone trellis is equipped with 48 cells that can offer support for a variety of different flowers or plants. Made from cedar fibers and measuring 91 x 80 inches, this particular trellis does not include a planter, which means that it offers support for plants that grow from the ground itself. However, unlike the other products you can find in this list, this particular one requires tools for assembly, such as a shovel, level, tape measure, happen, and a cordless drill.

Patch Planter Pot & Trellis Climbing Vine Patio Tomato Veggies Herbs

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Perfect for small spaces and a real champion of balconies, the TDP trellis planter is a gem when you don’t have enough room for the vegetables you want to grow or when you simply need the vertical support for plants like tomatoes or green beans. Made from polypropylene, this planter measures approximately 51 x 29 x 13 inches and comes with a storage space of 10-gallons-worth of soil. The self-watering pot is a feature that can’t be neglected either.

Bottom Line

A trellis planter is useful in a variety of different setups, especially when you’re low on space or want to grow vegetables, flowers, or other plants that require vertical support to thrive. We have come a long way in terms of trellis planters, as the variety of materials and finishes that you can now find can easily match your requirements and other indoor or outdoor decor elements, giving you a sense of visual consistency while also allowing you to grow greens at home.