A Guide To Planning A Housewarming Party: Details, Quick Ideas and Prep!

Have you moved into a new home or had have some renovations done that took your old place and transformed it into a fresh new pad? If so, it’s time for a housewarming party to show off all of the newness! But don’t let hosting the party get you stressed or scratch the event entirely. Instead, allow us to help you plan, prep, create the details and show you some quick and easy theme ideas!

First, Prep.

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From a thorough cleaning to a number count, the first thing you need to do when planning your party is prepping for the day. Choose a date, the location (whether backyard or inside your formal living space), get a headcount and decide on a time!

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If you feel like splurging just a bit have a cleaning company come in and give your house a refined once over. The stress will fall off your back and all you have to do is think about the smaller details like the drink selection and invitation style.

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Make sure the bathroom is stocked with hand towels, toilet paper and the like as well. You don’t want guests coming and asking for toilet paper or fresh towels throughout the event. Move any furniture that would be in the way of movement as well and have exits easily accessible.

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Also, make sure all of your landscaping completed. Cut the grass, trim the bushes, weed the gardens as this is all in preparation for the day ahead.

Send Invitations.

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Nix the e-mail invites. Although they’re a bit easier and quicker to check off the “to-do list,” it’s much more thoughtful and tasteful to send a beautiful invitation (whether bought or DIYed) through the mail. And include an RSVP date so you have the right amount of time to prep food and seating arrangements.

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Keep up with your RSVPs as well so you can create place cards if need be. This is just a small detail that guests will love and will show how appreciative you are for them having attended.

Choose a Theme.

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For a more fun and focused celebration, choose a theme for the day! This will help you pick out food and drink selections as well as decor with much more of an ease than throwing up some streamers and ordering a pizza. Our top three favorites include: Welcome to the Winery, Bright & Festive and Rustic & Cozy.

Plan the Menu.

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Have a catered meal if you decide to only have a few of your closets family and friends or get your hands dirty in the kitchen with some homemade appetizer treats. Punch and signature cocktails are a much, and make sure to tack on some kid-friendly foods if you’re expecting some little ones to roam around.

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Have a menu for your guest to peruse, whether it’s a chalkboard for small pick-ups to read. Make sure there’s a way to label everyone’s drinks as well so there’s no confusion while everyone mixes and mingles.{found on abeautifulmess and stylemepretty}.


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Check out our list of favorite DIY decorations that are perfect for a housewarming party! They’re not too kitschy, but instead, fun and friendly. Focus them around your theme choice and conjure up some of your own concoctions throughout the decorating process. From colorful garland covering the patio, staircase or backyard fences to festive balloons decorated with a twist, there are so many exciting ways to do-it-yourself in terms of party decor. More subtle changes to the table/food spread for themes with an adult charm or sprinkle a bit of celebratory spirit in every nook and cranny – arches and the bathroom – if you’re going for a more youthful element.

Pay Attention to the Details

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Add a guestbook to remember the day and the people who came. You can go with a classic or DIY an original piece that you can utilize later as a piece of decor. Have your friends, family and new neighbors write just their name or go with something a bit bigger and have them write a fun message, tip, piece of advice or funny story that you can hold on to for years to come.

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Have way to break the ice! And, if needed, create a registry for small gifts you may need for the new house or newly renovated space – add the detail on the invitation – and if guests bring gifts be sure to write down who brought what so you can send out thank you cards after the celebration wraps up.

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You may even want to pass out favors as a thank you for attendance as your guest leave – whether it be a sweet treat or another homemade surprise! There are so many different ways to go when it comes to favors. This is again where the theme can come into play or your own family’s personality and loves.

And finally, Enjoy Yourself!