Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet Designed the Magic Hole Series

Philippe Starck is seemingly everywhere these days as we showcased his egg-shaped lounge chairs earlier and now he has collaborated with and Eugeni Quitllet to compile the Magic Hole Series. ‘Compile’ may not be the apt word but since the series is a combination of some utter different furniture, I am ready to take the risk.

Magic Hole is a combination of a two-seater sofa, an armchair and smaller table-front armchair which has all been manufactured with the rotational molding technique. The three pieces adorn a dark and neat color scheme on the outside while the carroty tinge sparks up life on the inside. It is collection for the garden and logically enough, it is weather proof.

I really like this collection. It has a simple design, more or less classical and traditional, but still with a modern touch that’s pretty visible. It’s not like this collection has a revolutionary design or anything, but still it’s original in a simple way. There’s something about the shape that makes it special, plus those little color accents. Black and orange is always a beautiful combination. It creates a nice color contrast. Although this is a collection that seems to be appropriate to public spaces and not so much suited for an apartment or a house. That’s mainly because they are not very comfortable, plus I didn’t see a lot of apartments that have benches in their living rooms.