Perfectly Peach Patios: Ideas & Inspiration

A springtime color that soothes and lightens the mood, peach is the perfect color for your outdoor, peaceful patio. It mixes well with a variety colors but it also sets the mood for a trendy, relaxing space. From furniture pieces to pillows, peachy hues are great for creating a vibrant patio. Let’s take a look at some real life versions for ideas and inspiration.

1. A bit of Tuscany.

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With a washed out shade of peach you can use it as the foundation for the entire patio. And with this washed out look, creating a bit of a Tuscan feel is easily accomplished. With some dainty, wire furniture, oversized pots and fresh flowers you can bring a bit of that European flavor to your own backyard.

2. A bit of Retro.

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Finding some great architectural furniture that fits that retro flair is your first act of business. But then you need to find some in a bright peach color. Whether it’s in the piece or the cushion, a bright shade is needed for that mod, 60’s vibe. Mix the peach with some mango orange, neon yellow or even some smooth aqua colors for a vivacious, vintage set.

3. A bit of Contemporary.

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For a subdued, up-to-date finish, try covering the walls with a shade pale peach. It is a wonderful way to dress the walls with a subtle piece of femininity and allow your furniture and accessories to pop. With some hunter greens, some rustic pieces and nice linen cream tones, you can easily create a sophisticated, serene resting spot.

4. A bit of the Tropics.

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If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by the beach or palm tree, this is a great choice for you. Or, if you just want to create a bit of a tropical atmosphere, you can try this out too. Grab some deep peach accessories, furniture pieces or cushions to bring the patio to life. Mixed with lush greenery, chocolate browns and fresh flowers, you’ll have a little vacation spot for everyday.

5. A bit of Girlish Charm.

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Mix up some of your favorite girly colors and include some various shades peach. Peach cools down anything too dramatic so even if you want to add some reds, hot pinks or even some peacock blues a pink of peach will complete the look. Use the colors to accessorize the space and then add furniture in a dark neutral color. This will balance out the room and accentuate your pretty colors!

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