Perfect Spring Color Combinations

Say goodbye to the frosty morning windows and teeth-chattering temperatures because spring will be here before we know it! And that means it’s time to clear out the clutter and brighten up your home. In the winter, we tend to get a little dark, dreary and stay shelled up inside the house. When spring arrives, it’s a great excuse to do a little makeover. Grab some paint, new furniture or accessories and start combining some wonderful, sunny colors. Need some ideas? Take a look at some of our favorite choices for the perfect spring color combinations.

1. Soft Fern & Congo Orange.

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This pale shade of green looks magnificent as the base for a room. Paint the walls this soft color and then add beautiful pops of this tropical orange to spruce this up. The room is widened by the cool brightness on the walls and evened out with the rest of the neutrals. Then some springtime pizazz is thrown in just by using a simple throw and a wonderful, trendy rug.

2. Peach Pink & Rich Mauve.

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This combination is all about subtly. No matter how you choose to use the colors, it’s a pretty, dainty and light look for the change in season. The peach brightens the space, the mauve brings richness to the room and and neutral pairing will allow the colors to shine. This is a great look for a study, home office or even in the dining room. And it looks especially great with some heather grey mixed in.

3. Lime Green & Cyan Blue.

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For something bright with a lot of personality, try something a bit more vivacious. Lime green and cyan blue compliment each other well without going overboard. These two colors would be a good choice for a kid’s room or even your very own craft room, maybe with a bit of bubblegum pink thrown in! Sure, it’s a bit bold, but you can really have fun with this pairing.

4. Canary Yellow & Deep Violet.

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With some wonderful home pieces you can really set off a pure white room. These colors may be too vivid for a wall, but you can really turn a room from winter to spring in a blink of an eye with some pillows, accent furniture, fresh flowers or new wall art. They’re complimentary and represent spring to the fullest.

5. Bright White & Creamy Oatmeal.

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Although neutral and not your typical springtime colors, this pair opens up a room and still looks light and bright. And, you can use it all year long with the right accents. But in the spring, pair the neutrals with even more neutrals for a clean and relaxing space. Try it out in your bedroom or kitchen!

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