Original Truffle by Ensamble Studio

Sometimes we all need a peaceful place, an oasis of relax and comfort where we can find our interior peace or recharge our batteries so that we can go on our life in an easier way.Here it is an interesting place which offers you the opportunity to melt yourself with nature and become a part of it.

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It is an original building with an interesting architectural design called Truffle. It is designed by Ensamble Studio and represents a huge stone, made of concrete and earth. It camouflages into the exterior landscape perfectly and you will be surprised by its comfort and wonderful moments that it can offer you.It is a space which will remind you of the simple life of those prehistoric cave men who used to live in these types of spaces.

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Simplicity, minimalism and originality are the main words which characterize this space.Its position will also offer you wonderful views which will take your breath away. It is a space which will assure you the privacy and intimacy that you need in the middle of a natural décor, far away from the stressful routine of your daily life and all the problems that surround you.