Original pencil floor lamp

When you know hoe o work with your imagination and to use it in your favor everything can be used as inspiration, even something very simple such as a pencil. In fact, it’s a pencil that inspired the design of this unique floor lamp. The No. 2 pencil that we used to write with in school is now the star of this lamp. It’s actually a very interesting and inspiring idea, especially for a workspace.

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The pencils that form the base of the lamp are made of wood and they feature a vibrant painted finish, just like the originals. There are three pencils that form the base. They are a close reproduction of the actual pencil and they even have the writing on them. The lam also includes a black cord with a polarized plug.

The overall dimensions of this unique pencil floor lamp are 18″ diameter, 58″ high. The lamp shade measures 12″ diameter, 15.5″ high and the cord is 6’ long. The lamp functions 100 watts bulb, type A. It’s a great item, funny and functional in the same time. It would make a great addition into home workspace or even in the office or any other work-related area. You can now but the lamp on sale for the special price of EUR188.28 (it was originally 234.58 euros).