Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

Kids’ bedrooms can be a ton of fun to decorate. They give you a chance to be creative in a fresh and colorful way, without having to worry about being so serious in your design choices. Playfulness and fun are the key ingredients. Here is a Modern Children’s Bedroom Furniture Collection by Karim Rashid which features twin and bunk beds, storage shelving and drawers, and some visual pizzazz as you might expect from the king of modern furniture design. Visit Karim Rashid site for a look at all.

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When it comes to children and their rooms, the color choice is often very simple. It’s either pink for the girls of blue for the boys. But with the furniture pieces is another story. Those have to be also colored, fun, cute, children friendly, durable and functional. A lot of attributes if you ask me. You can also add to that list the word modern and what you get is this collection of children bedroom designs from Karim Rashid.

pink furniture bunkbeds neoset

All the pieces have a modern look, they are attractive in terms of color and aspect and they have very soft and curved lines in order to make them children friendly and to avoid the accidents. The bedrooms presented here look very safe and beautiful. And the simplicity makes the room look neat and clean. It’s a feature that is never missing from Karim Rashid’s creations.

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Posted in Interiors on January 16, 2010

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