Maya Lin Child’s Stone

Kids love using the nature around them, so they find only natural to use moss as pillow and stones as chairs. That is why many furniture designers “borrowed” their ideas and turned them into original pieces of furniture, just like this interesting looking Maya Lin Child’s Stone. This is a kind of ottoman, but having a different shape and designed, created by Maya Lin, an Asian designer. These “stones’ are somewhat regular in shape, being a combination between a cone base and a seating. One base is smaller and the other one is larger, but you can use them both to stay on, by simply turning them upside down.

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These chairs, ottomans, or stones, whatever they may be called, are manufactured by Knoll and are available on their web site. Each such chair is available in two materials: molded polyethylene and molded polyethylene with 100% recycled content. They are empty on the inside, so they are pretty lightweight, but they are perfectly enclosed, so there is no chance of having them open , even by mistake. That is what confers them stability. The seat tops are rather concave and they are available in different colours, for both indoors and outdoors. Well, if you think the hard surface of the plastic is not good enough for your child, you can always choose a cushion to place on top of it, but that would only take away its interesting look. If you are interested in the product , make an inquiry here.