Markham Console Bar

Having a gorgeous rustic bar takes planning and work, but if you have find one or managed to purchase one then you are very fortunate and you can turn this spot in your house into your personal favourite place. Inspired by an antique workbench, this home bar is built from pine and pine veneer, and features saw mark, groove, and peg hole details, a recessed trough in the rear for securing bottles, a lower gallery shelf, a hidden drawer for holding bar tools, a cast iron bottle opener and towel bar, and a wheat stain finish.

Markham console bar

I know this is not exactly what most modern people would look for , but this piece of furniture is perfect for a small cottage in the countryside or a mountain cabin where you stay from time to time during winter holidays and enjoy some quality time with your family. It is rough and simple, but this simplicity has its own charm and style, as this rustic bar looks very authentic and nice. It is improperly called a bar, as it has all the bottles stored in plain sight and it looks more like a console, but the combination of the two is simple and gorgeous.