Making Grey Exciting – How To Use This Shade Effectively In The Home

Who said grey had to be boring? It is a shade that has grown in popularity over the past few years as it can look extremely sophisticated and elegant in the home. Nevertheless, it is true that grey is also a colour that can be seen as drab and it is associated with negative emotions as well.

Modern grey living room

This does not mean that you shouldn’t utilise it in interior design. It simply showcases that you need to be careful with this shade – you want to play towards its strengths, not its weaknesses. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper…

Grey dining room

First and foremost, let’s establish where grey should be used. There is one instance whereby grey should never be used and this is in rooms that require creativity, such as a home office. Nevertheless, aside from this, you pretty much have licence to use grey as you please. It can be extremely effective when creating a calming influence.

Grey bedroom feminine

However, by teaming grey with bright and cheery shades you create the perfect juxtaposition – you have the relaxing impact of grey with the uplifting impact of the other colour. This works brilliantly in living rooms and bedrooms.

Grey lampshade

In fact, using colour is something that justifies further elaboration. Too much of one colour in a room can make it look bland. When considering the earlier point about running the risk of grey becoming drab, you see just how important it is to break up the colour in the room. There are indeed instances whereby all grey works (as you can see by the pictures), however if you want to ensure you get it right – bring some colour into the equation.

Another luxury grey bedroom

Concrete grey living

The great thing about grey is the fact that practically any colour goes with it – from purple, to red, to blue; your options are endless. Brown is widely considered to be an extremely difficult colour to team with grey, yet as you can see below, even this shade can work…

Living room grey themed

Decor living room grey

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to play around with different textures. Grey can be a very harsh colour if you keep everything on the straight and narrow. Instead, look for soft and fluffy textures – ones that play towards the relaxing and soothing quality associated with grey.

Attic grey walls ceiling

Living room featuring big windows

Using various textures is how you will really bring the grey to life. A shaggy rug offers the easiest way of perfecting this interior design tip. On the other hand, you can always look for different cushions as well. You don’t have to go for the soft option either. Silk and satin can work brilliantly when emulating a luxurious vibe.

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