Magazine Box

Well, I do read or at least take a look at all the magazines that come into my mail box and I do every now and then buy some music or fashion magazines. But after I read them I throw them away pretty quickly, as they tend to pile up on my desk and I do not need this in a home that is already too small for my needs. But there are some offices and some places where magazines and newspapers are welcomed any time. These are the waiting rooms of the surgeries, offices and hairdresser’s, all those places where you have to sit in a line and wait for your turn to come. Well, this Magazine Box seems perfect for all of them. 

SP 002 4

This box is made of solid, clear Douglas Fir and has the perfect size for magazines. The outside of the wooden box also looks great and matches the furniture, so one more plus. You can use the box both at work and at home, depending on the usefulness you find for it. It can help you keep all the magazines neatly arranged together and also keeps them handy for those who would like to read one. You can order the item online for $60.